The Killing Season 3 – Episodes 1-6

Check out my earlier post The Killing (An Introduction to Season 3).  This post will cover the first six episodes:

  1. The Jungle – Detective Holder and new partner Carl Reddick investigate a teenage girl’s death, whose murder has similarities to a previous case of Sarah Linden, now a transit authority employee. Meanwhile, Ray Seward, who had been convicted in that case, is sent to death row. In the city, teenage runaways must find ways to stay alive, while a killer cruises the streets.
  2. That You Fear Most – Holder and Reddick continue the investigation and enter the world of the runaways, one of whom is now missing. Meanwhile, death row inmate Seward continues to impose his will on the prison and the detectives who arrested him, James Skinner and Linden.
  3. Seventeen – Skinner creates a task force after Linden discovers 17 dead bodies in a pond. Bullet points Holder and Reddick to a new suspect. Linden speaks with Adrian (Rowan Longworth), the drawing’s creator. Seward is slipped a hidden razor blade in prison.
  4. Head Shots – The 7 Stars Motel and its proprietor are investigated as the site for the DVD production. Holder attempts to mediate between Linden and Reddick. Bullet helps Twitch when he gets into trouble. Seward rejects his medicine and the guards must persuade him.
  5. Scared and Running – Holder and Linden learn a potential victim has escaped the killer. Bullet assists them to retrace the victim’s steps, while also hoping to find Kallie, her missing friend. Kallie’s mother, Danette, grows worried and discovers something about her boyfriend Joe. Seward gets a visit from his son’s adoptive mother.
  6. Eminent Domain – Holder and Linden revisit the Seward case in hopes of finding a connection with the current one. Bullet takes Danette to Kallie’s favorite hangouts. Seward asks to speak to his imprisoned father.

Plot Characters Thoughts Theories and Observations

In order to enjoy The Killing you have to accept one of its major flaws.  The show is not going to help you figure out who are the killer(s).  That is pretty typical for most murder mystery shows, but the Killing tends to take this a bit to the extreme.  I know this frustrates the TV reviewers and justifiably so.  But if you want to spend some time talking to your TV (which I enjoy doing) then I think you will be alright.  By “talking” of course, I mean, shouting things like, “I can’t believe that character just did that”, “How stupid could a person be?”,  “You just let a star witness, walk out of the hospital unguarded?”  And so on.


Okay now back to the show review.  This review will SPOIL EVERYTHING up to Episode S3 Episode 06.  Our totally messed up hero Linden has realized that she not only has this case to solve but has royally screwed up the case she thought she had solved before the events of Season 1.  In that case, a man named Seward was convicted of killing his wife in cold blood.  Their son was traumatized and sent to a foster couple to be raised by them.  Now the son is back to his old ways, sleeping in closets, and drawing creepy pictures while his father serves his last few days on death row.  One of these pictures led Linden to a river side where there were multiple murder victims all wrapped up in BioHazmat like suits.  All the girls were from missing person files, some may have been teenage runways caught and killed by a serial killer (of course its always a serial killer!).

Recently a new girl has gone missing and her name is Kallie.  She is or was friends with Bullet a tom boy of the extreme order.  But Bullet is very loyal and is looking for her friend.  But the police won’t help her except when our other hero, Holder realized the tough punk may have the wherewithal to lead them around the killer’s hunting ground.  That hunting ground is the place where runaways hang out.  It’s near a homeless shelter for young kids.  And its led by a creepy sort of social worker named Pastor Mike.  He tells them that the runways go to the Seven Star motel (it turns out to make money there in illegitimate ways).  Pastor Mike has a cork board with some of the missing kids on it.  Interesting.  By the way, it’s never a good idea to trust “religious” figures on tv shows.  Our heroes investigate and arrest many of the criminals there, except they let one get away… who just so happens to be dating the mother of Kallie.

Kallie’s mom is really needy and will take up with any man who shows her some interest.  But this time, she realizes he may have something to do with Kallie’s disappearance as he has her cell phone.  She goes to the police to give her statement and a manhunt ensues but the dude has skipped town.  Meanwhile they find an intended victim still alive trying to escape the killer.  They question her in the hospital (but guess what?) she only saw the perpetrator’s eyes in the rear view window.  She wonders why there is plastic in the car.  She needs treatment and they leave.  Apparently Holder’s partner was supposed to guard her but was too busy on a food run and she simply walked out of the hospital.  Arrgh!


The second side of the story takes place in prison.  Seward has given up expressing his innocence and is ready to be executed.  Unfortunately for him Linden (who convicted him with help from her cop partner / lover), realizes he may be innocent too.  Okay here is my theory.  Seward did not kill his wife, and his son is not his son.  Someone slept with his wife, she got pregnant, and then killed her to cover things up.  He also framed Seward somehow.  If this is right the people involved in the cover up are probably in the police force.  Main suspect would be Linden’s ex-partner or maybe even the guards watching Seward.  Seward doesn’t want to see his son, because he is not his son.

Sunday night’s episode is called “Hope Kills”.  Stay tuned for more twists turns and misdirections.

Airing June July Aug 2013 - The Killing S2

AMC’s The Killing Season 3

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