S103 – Under the Dome Review – Manhunt

Under the Dome S103 – Manhunt

Hello.  I am back for another fun review of Under the Dome.

In this episode we get to learn something about Junior or JR for short.  Yes, he is still a pycho but now we know that he also has a Dad who let’s say, “encourages him by giving him impossible goals to meet”.  And dear old dad is more concerned about his image than about his son.  Okay finally that gives us something to sympathize with.  JR is not just dumb and evil, he is dumb, evil and tortured by his father.  I can work with that (at least for now).

1) Plot Overview for The Fire, S103 of Under the Dome:

Well since its been a few days since I watched this I may have a few things out-of-order, so I hope you can forgive me yet again.  Our lady cop, Linda, brings the dumb deputy in (you know the one who sees the end of world and all chaos coming due to the dome trapping the town) into jail to arrest him for accidentally killing her brother in law.  Linda is still a rookie.  We know because the perp tricks her into opening the jail cell door.  He locks her in the cell and takes off running.  Unfortunately no one else seems to work at the police station so he gets away Scots free.

Speaking of running away, the girl who was brought to the town by her moms decides to find the local kids at the skate board park.  She needs to get her phone charged up and finds Joe (who’s sister is still missing) has power and a crib where she can hang for awhile.  However a party breaks out instead, and the local bully guy shows up to rough up Joe.  But before they get into real fisticuffs there is a power surge and all goes dark.  When the boy and girl touch hands they have a real “attraction” for one another.  I mean literally sparks fly and they go into a joint seizure and start mouthing the saying “the pink stars are falling in lines” again.

Meanwhile the creepy rev is feeling better so Big Jim lectures him to stay off the drugs for awhile so they can continue to clean up the mess left behind from stealing and hording the propane.  After that Jim sets up a search party to go after the end of the world cop.  Linda goes after him too (but she must go alone because she is tough I guess).  Jim’s search party includes some guys from the diner and our hero Barbie.  They find end of the world cop but he gets the jump on the posse and if not for Linda sneaking up behind him they would be dead.  But Linda shoots the guy in the back (what no warning shot Linda?) and I guess kills him.

Julia Schumway the reporter follows Junior into a abandoned cement factory where they discover that the dome is deep underground.  So you can forget about tunneling under it!  They escape the darkness with the old lighted match trick (the flame follows the breeze that leads to the way out).

2) New Characters

  • Young party punk – He is a jerk with no redeeming character traits whatsoever.  He beats up on the boy or at least tries to.  Our boy is a pacifist for now, but I bet he won’t be for long.
  • Norrie now friends with the Joe – We learned that she wasn’t going to camp but instead she had some behavioral problems and might have been going to some thing like boarding school.  She has psychic powers and she and Joe made a connection (an electrical connection, ha).
  • The guys at the diner – Obviously this is not a progressive town.  “We don’t like outsiders around these parts” I can hear them saying.
  • End of the World cop – He is probably right.  The end of the world as they know is probably coming soon.  But why did he need to rush things so much?  Is it possible the dome is also having a direct effect on people’s personalities?

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – We learned that his wife and JR’s mom died a few years back.  Since then Big Jim has been showing only tough love to his son.  JR needs a mother figure for sure.  And guess who plays that role this week, it’s Julia.  Big Jim wants to make an example of those who step out of line.
  • Julia – She got fired by trying to use falsified evidence against a candidate she didn’t like.  She was basically banished from the newspaper she worked at and ended up in Chester’s Mill.  She was pretty nice to JR, but stupid to follow him down into the old concrete mill.
  • Barbie – He is resourceful for sure.  He knows how to track people (just like Aragorn through the underbrush).  He also conveniently left a map of the cabin in his bag for Julia to find.  Never trust a journalist with your stuff, Barbie.
  • Junior – He is still trying to win back the love his girlfriend and frame Barbie at the same time.  Sneaky devil for sure.  At least we know that he gets some of his bad traits through his father’s influence.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Looks like the townsfolk are starting to realize there is no way out of the dome.  The army may not even be trying to save them but is interested only in studying them.  Where is the power source?  What does the weird seizure clue mean?  Will the kids figure it out?

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