S105 – Under the Dome Review – Blue on Blue

Under the Dome S105 – Blue on Blue

An interesting episode with lots of plot twists and a few plot “holes”.   Or not.

1) Plot Overview for Blue on Blue, S105 of Under the Dome:

We see butterflies reaching the dome but unable to move around it or over it which prompts the military (according to Barbie) to launch the biggest non nuclear bomb strike on the dome.  But first its final visitation time where the friends on relatives of the trapped “Domites” come to say their first hello (and possibly last goodbye).

The good news is that Angie is finally free from her underground shelter but the bad news is, just as gets home JR is waiting to finish things.  He just wanted to fix her (which I take to mean, he really wants to fix himself).  This is kinda sad, but after all Angie just went through,  I still think she should have bopped him on the head with a lamp or something.

Barbie confesses that he isn’t the soldier people thought he was, since by friendly fire his platoon killed off their own men.  Julia finds out that her ex husband was going to leave her and so “that is that” until of course Barbie has to admit he killed the man.

The town flees to the concrete shelter as they await the Mother of All Bombs or as the crazy Rev says, MOAB.  Crazy Rev saves the town by repenting (or maybe the dome is just impenetrable of all weapons!).  But when he wants Big Jim to repent he slams the Rev’s hearing aid into the dome with the Rev still attached to it.  Bye bye Rev.  He gets zapped by the dome just like sheriff Duke, and dies.

2) New Characters

  • Linda’s finance – He finds out his brother is dead (he was killed by a dome bullet ricochet).
  • Norrie’s dad – We learned that her dad has kept baby pictures of Norrie, but the moms didn’t want Norrie to know he was locatable.   Norrie is not happy at the mom’s, but then accuses the dad of grandstanding for publicity.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – He lets Angie go free when he realizes they are all about to die.  He can’t believe JR is psycho.  He kills the Rev and we find out they stole the propane to help make drugs to bring in money to save the town.
  • Julia – Realizes she likes Barbie.
  • Barbie – Realizes he likes Julia.
  • Junior – Confesses sort of, that he needs help from Angie.
  • Linda – Tries to enforce a yellow police tape zone by breaking through the zone herself to kiss her fiance.
  • Norrie and Joe – Finally after 7 days realize that Joe’s sister is missing.  They kiss just as the bomb destroys the land outside the dome making for an interesting juxtaposition.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

This episode could have been really dark, but everyone in the town seem to be sorta blase’ about the whole thing including slow dancing and reminiscing about the good old days.    I must admit I didn’t know what was going to happen with the bomb, and it was cool to see the outside world getting destroyed.  But really… they did this to “protect” the butterflies’ migration pattern?  Well at least one butterfly survived.

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