The Killing Season 3 – Final episode predictions

Check out my earlier post The Killing (An Introduction to Season 3).  This post will cover some predictions for the last three episodes:

Plot Characters Thoughts Theories and Observations

This preview will SPOIL EVERYTHING up to now on The Killing.


Okay so we know that the killer is not Pastor Mike.  It turns out he really did care for the kids but was worried that he would be blamed for their disappearances because of what happened to him at the last job he had.  So where is Kallie?  Is there any chance at all that she is still alive?  Bullet did a dumb thing by not leaving a message on Holder’s phone since she seems to have met the killer (before she was killed).  Her body was found in the storage unit of Joe Mills.  Bullet was a great character and I really enjoyed her story.  Too bad it ended in tragedy.  In last week’s episode, we found out that Mills had an alibi for at least one of the killings.  He was in Alaska doing some hunting.  If Mills isn’t the killer then who is?

Well it can’t be Kallie’s mom.  She has been desperate to find her for the last few episodes.  Nobody could put on an act like that.  Pastor Mike was with Linden when Bullet died, so it’s probably not him.  What about Linden’s partner.  I don’t know he just doesn’t seem like a bad man, although he certainly made a bunch of mistakes.  Speaking of partners, well I will get to that in a minute…


The second side of the story takes place in prison.  Seward now wants to live.  Reason: I think he hates the prison guards so much for their treatment of him and how Linden knows he is no longer the killer of his wife.  Speaking of the guards there are two possible suspects.  We have Becker who has tormented Seward from day one about his impending death and his son apparently killed the wife’s lover.  He could be involved but he seems to have his own problems.

So my prediction for the killer is Holder’s partner.  He was the one who didn’t tell Holder that Bullet called.  He is the one who let forgot to watch the girl who escaped the killer a few episodes ago.  She was set loose from the hospital even though she heard the killer’s voice.  Also he was the one who “found” the set rings in Joe Miller’s storage area.  The rings were removed from each of the victims.  Plus being a cop, he has a reason to be out late at night.

Stay tuned for more twists turns and misdirections before the finale in a couple of weeks.

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