S106 – Under the Dome Review – The Endless Thirst

Under the Dome S106 – The Endless Thirst

Another interesting episode where chaos reigns supreme (it’s about time don’t ya think?).

1) Plot Overview for The Endless Thirst, S106 of Under the Dome:

We pick up where we left off last week.  The Domites have just survived a nuclear missle strike which did nothing to the dome but did obliterate everything outside the dome.  The town is running out of supplies in both medicine, and food, but particularly water.  Those ideas collide when Norrie’s mom starts hullicinating and they head into town to seek help.  For some reason, they sort of forget that she is a diabetic and when she leaves the car and wonders off, she then causes a huge tractor-trailer to run off the road and somehow head straight for the iconic water tower.  The truck perfectly severs the tower structure causing all the water to spill out.

This is one of the darkest episodes of the series thus far.  What happens next is the town folk panic when they realize their main backup supply of water is gone.  Linda tries to calm things down by making a domie share his batteries for someone else to buy water.  But chaos ensues and the domites start pillaging and also attempted raping.  Pretty dark for a show that has had a relatively calm demeanor so far.  We also end up losing one of the few fine citizens of the town.  And our girl Angie escapes from JR only to find herself worse off.

We find out the lake has been polluted from methane (for some reason I thought for sure it was polluted from nuclear fallout), when the dome crashed through an underground methane deposit killing all the lake life.  Now big Jim has to rely on a local yokel for his spring water but at the cost of giving up his illicit supply of propane as payment.

But what is truly weird is the dome apparently has passed its energy to Joe and Norrie which is then picked up by the radio expert lady.  With Julia’s help and a homemade tracking device they find the kids are “in tune” with the dome (or at least that’s their theory).  The kids touching the dome somehow activates the radios to work and maybe even tells the dome to provide the town people with some much-needed rain.

2) New Characters

  • The rabble-rousers – Which includes some good-for-nothing twins who end up breaking into the diner and other shops on main street
  • King Kong tooth guy – This is the  guy who owns the property over the artisan spring.  We’ve seen him before, but this time he actively threatens Big Jim (because he knows Jim is mostly about Jim) to give him the propane and stay off his land.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – He lets Angie go free when he realizes they are all about to die.  He can’t believe JR is psycho.  He kills the Rev and we find out they stole the propane to help make drugs to bring in money to save the town.
  • Julia – Realizes she needs to kiss Barbie.  Her hair gets wet this episode twice.
  • Barbie – Realizes he needs to kiss Julia.  Realizes he can kill people with his bare hands.
  • Junior – Still crazy in love for Angie even after she smacks his head with a glass object.
  • Linda – Was taught by Duke to appeal to the good side of people, and if that don’t work be prepared to match violence with bigger violence.
  • Norrie and Joe – Seem to be a conduit for dome action.
  • Goodbye Kate’s mom – You seemed like a nice person who didn’t deserve what happened to you.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Did the dome wait for Norrie to show up in the vicinity of Joe before making its appearance in episode 1?  We don’t really know what it is but the show seems to hint it may be an alien life-force of some kind.  I mean the military has no clue how to deal with it, so it doesn’t appear to be man-made.  I really hope we find out that Julia really didn’t love her now dead husband because she seems to have bounced back nicely in a very close Barbie relationship in a relatively short time after finding out her husband left her.  Angie seems to have made a deal with the devils (Big Jim and JR) to keep silent about that little kidnapping and imprisonment thing in exchange for favorable treatment.  At least she considered her brother’s well-being, while Joe still doesn’t know where she is and hasn’t sought out police help to find her.

One Response

  1. When asked how the environmental factors of the show were researched, Lefevre joked that “We put a dome over a small town in an undisclosed location.” In actuality, Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times writer Scott Gold helped out with the scientific aspect. Vaughan notes that “When we were talking [to King about Gold’s research], King paused and said ‘…you know you can just make shit up, too?’,” which was met with riotous laughter from the panel hall. “We’re balancing between facts and making shit up,” he confirms.

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