BroadChurch – A new BBC America detective show starts on Wednesday

This series starts on Wednesday August 7th on BBC America.  Since I am a fan of BBC-A show Orphan Black and I like mysteries I do plan to check it out.

Plot, Characters Thoughts Theories and Observations

This is an introduction to the BBC America show Broadchurch which begins in the U.S.A. on 7 August 2013.

A. What is Broadchurch?

Is it a street, or is it a church or something entirely unexpected?

B. Who is in the show?

By the ads it looks like David Tennant from Dr. Who is in the show with some other people who I don’t recognize.

C. Why am I going to check out the show?

It stars Dr. Who.  It’s a British mystery detective show.  It’s 8 weeks long so it will end just after the Summer 2013 season.  I just finished watching The Killing Season 3 and I am anxious to start delving into a new mystery.

D. Where is the show?

It seems to be filmed in England where some of my favorite shows reside.  Most specifically Poirot and Sherlock.  It might be filmed in Ireland so don’t be upset if I am wrong please.

E. How can I see the show?

Watch it on BBC America’s website as a free live stream now or Turn your TV to BBC America on Wednesday night at 10pm ET or DVR it.  I watched Orphan Black on DVR and I would recommend this method (especially as the show is aired fairly late at night), and you need to get your 8 hours of sleep.

Bonus:  Check it the review scores on the Metacritic website.

BBC America’s Broadchurch

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