S107 – Under the Dome Review – Imperfect Circles

Under the Dome S107 – Imperfect Circles

A very confounding episode.  Pretty dull, with awful dialog at times.  (I know, tell us what you really think!)

1) Plot Overview for Imperfect Circles, S107 of Under the Dome:

First off, IMDB tricked me into thinking that this episode was written by Brian K. Vaughn aka the show runner.  So I was expecting lots of plot twists and mythology.  When I saw the preview with the mysterious “mini-me” dome I thought we would get exactly what I expected.  Unfortunately that was about it for mythology (although there was one other surprise, which I will get to).

Big things happened but nothing much progressed.  Okay on with the plot.  Angie is alive and well and living for now with Big Jim.  He tells his psycho son that he is most definitely a psycho son and its time for him to leave.  I must admit it was a tiny bit of a sad scene when said son called out to for his dad not to say goodbye like this, but JR made up for his brief lack of creepiness later.  Anyway Angie goes home and meets her brother after a very long hiatus.

Joe and Norrie do some necking against the dome.  There was a somewhat funny scene when Joe suggests they’re doing some wrong (in this method of summoning the dome) and Norrie says she won’t do “that” just to make it work.  Joe gets the bright idea (hey, aren’t there any adults who could be investigating the dome) that they should head for the center of the dome to see where its power source may lie.  When they get there they find a mini dome covered in leaves.  It shocks them when they touch it at first, but the mini-dome seems to like them, so it allows them to clear off the leaves and pour cold water on it.  And there they find an egg below it.  They try to speak to the egg dome but get no answer.  Until (and in Lost fashion) dead people’s ghosts start appearing.  Okay well the person they saw wasn’t dead yet, but alright.

Speaking of dead people.  Harriet the next door neighbor needs to borrow some yogurt where (awkward!), she sees Barbie and Julia together after I assume, a night of passion.  Harriet is pregnant and is called by the dome to touch it when lured there by her deployed somewhere-else husband.  After the dome touch she goes into labor, which gives Barbee another chance to play hero when he is forced to help deliver the baby.

Before that they run into some ruffians who steal their gas on the way to the hospital to find Norrie’s mom who is a doctor.  But Norrie’s mom is dying from a lack of insulin.  Which gives Barbie a chance to play hero, but before that he plays hero, by chasing off the ruffians.  Those same ruffians are caught by Linda and crazy deputy cop JR.  Once JR hears that one of the men had tried to hurt Angie, so he shoots him in the heart killing him.  JR then finds Angie and tells her that he is sorry for being crazy and that she doesn’t have to worry about any more men harassing her (except of course himself).

Norrie’s mom dies but has just enough left to tell Norrie to be strong.  Meanwhile Big Jim gets revenge on snaggle-tooth Ollie for stealing his propane which Big Jim stole from the town earlier.  Makes sense.  After Norrie’s mom dies and Norrie yells at the dome to bring her back, the black egg under the mini dome starts to pulse blue.

2) New Characters

  • Harriet and her ghost husband – Having a baby under the dome might not be good thing, especially if you touch the dome first.
  • Guy guarding the propane – He should have worn a red shirt (maybe he did) because his sole purpose was to die this week.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – Gets rid of his crazy son.  Lets Angie bury his diner lady friend.  And blows up a truck killing propane guard guy.  It’s not a good idea to let this Big Jim drink whiskey.
  • Julia – Realizes she needs to sleep with Barbie.  Saves Harriet’s baby.  Doing heroic acts is her thang.
  • Barbie – Realizes he needs to sleep with Julia.  Saves Harriet and Julia from thugs.  Chases off bad guys.  And delivers babies.  What can’t this guy do? (Don’t forget that he helped put out a fire too).
  • Junior – Crazy and now murderous too.  Things are not getting better and better every day.
  • Linda – Keeps telling people to arrest them first for trial, but always ends up shooting and killing someone.  She doesn’t know that you can use handcuffs on captured prisoners before they can push you down.
  • Norrie and Joe – They like the dome and the dome likes them.
  • Goodbye Norrie’s mom – You seemed like a nice person who didn’t deserve what happened to you.  By the way, they couldn’t just find some candy bars or something to keep her alive a bit longer.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Is the dome being energized by the town folk somehow, either through touching it or dying within it?  Why do the writers continually want to prove to us that Barbie is a hero? It’s getting a bit ridiculous.  This week’s show had a lot of big events but seemed dull and lifeless to me.  The dialog was bad, very pedestrian.  I don’t know if I can take this much longer.  Luckily we are more than half way through the season and next week we get Jack Bender back as director.

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