S108 – Under the Dome Review – Thicker Than Water

Under the Dome S108 – Thicker Than Water

A pretty good episode.  Much better than last week, I thought.

“Thicker Than Water” – Junior stands up to his father and is shattered when he discovers the truth about his mother’s past. Meanwhile, Julia learns firsthand the powers of the “mini dome”.

1) Plot Overview for Thicker Than Water, S108 of Under the Dome:

I thought this was the most “LOST-like” of all the episodes so far on the show.  We focus mainly on two sets of relationships: Joe and Norrie,  and JR and his Dad Big Jim.  And then we get the mystery of the Monarch.

Joe and Norrie

This week we get the story of Norrie dealing with the guilt she feels over her mom’s death.  She pushes Joe away and blames the death on him, but later comes to realize that she brought them to Chester’s Mill (to get to the detention type center nearby) because of her insubordinate behavior. She mistakenly blames herself, but Angie comes along to console her telling her it’s not her fault.  She finally lets Joe comfort her.  I thought this was a pretty good resolution and well-played.

JR and Big Jim

This was a plot right out of LOST with daddy issues and the unveiling of a family secret.

JR is more than a little crazy and we have suspected it had something to do with his mother’s unnatural death.  Big Jim has tried to push JR out of the house but JR refuses to leave.  Well after a bit of betrayal on JR’s part, Ollie (the well-spring hoarder) tells JR that his mom died not in a car accident, but in a car suicide. JR confronts his dad (by smacking him upside the head with a rifle butt) about this and Big Jim confesses that his mom did leave them both, subtly inferring that she may have realized that JR was a bit off kilter.  However let’s not forget about Big Jim’s propensity to criminal activity also.  That too may have factored into her suicide.  Anyway father and son seem to reconcile on the issue which is good because JR seemed ready to shoot his dear old dad.

The Monarch

The Monarch will be crowned is the new dome catch phrase.  Julia follows Joe to the mini dome and sees another Joe (did anybody ever see the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell) who gives her the aforementioned phrase.  The egg also seems somewhat energized as well after, or because, people touch the mini dome.  There doesn’t seem to be much point in speculating why yet.  Earlier this episode we saw a monarch butterfly and in previous episodes a flock (or swarm of butterflies) hovering at the big dome.  Then in a bit of a surprise cut scene we see that our girl Angie has a butterfly tatoo on her shoulder.  Interesting.  Also Angie attended the same detention center that Norrie was headed too.  Very interesting.

2) New Characters

  • Mini-Dome and Black Egg – Acts like an Oracle providing some future event prophesy maybe?
  • Townsfolk at Ollie’s farm – Had to die in a sort of inert battle scene near the well. (You didn’t think Linda or Barbie were in any danger did you?).

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – Tells his son the truth about his wife’s death and get’s rid of Ollie his main rival but gets a new rival in Barbie.
  • Julia – Has totally forgotten about her husband and has a nice scene with Joe about the changing moods of women (hey, she said it, not me!).
  • Barbie – Does something heroic again this week by detonating a bomb over Ollie’s well which activates some older dry wells.  Disobeys Big Jim’s plan and convinces Linda to side with him.
  • Junior – Crazy hate for his dad, but he can show forgiveness and maybe just maybe his protection of Angie was justified if the Monarch is Angie.
  • Linda – Finally realizes JR can’t be trusted with a gun.
  • Norrie and Joe – Grew closer (see section above).
  • Goodbye Ollie – This is what you get for not sharing your water.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Jack Bender did a fine job directing this episode.  Angie deserves a crown for all that she has been through, but why does the dome care?

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