BroadChurch – Thoughts on Episodes 1 and 2

This series plays on Wednesday nights at 10pm ET in August and September on BBC America.

Plot, Characters Thoughts Theories and Observations

This is an introduction to the BBC America show Broadchurch which begins in the U.S.A. on 7 August 2013.

A. What is Broadchurch?

Is it a street, or is it a church or something entirely unexpected?

Turns out the Broadchurch is a seaside town which caters to tourists during the summer season.  It’s a little bit like the New England beach town in the movie Jaws.

B. Who is in the show?

David Tenant plays detective inspector DI Alex Hardy.  He seems to have been through a case like this before as indicated by the pained expression on the beach and his “not again” when he sees the body of young Danny Latimer dead on the beach below the seaside cliffs.  So far Alex has been aloof to most people he meets but did insist to his police chief boss that he is the right man to investigate the case.

Olivia Colman plays detective sergeant DS Ellie Miller.  Her son was a close mate of Danny’s and she knows the family fairly well.  She also was passed over for promotion with Alex Hardy.

C. Why am checking out the show?

The mystery is interesting of course, but I really like the small town setting and the idea of all the secrets the town folk try to hide from each other.  This is very much like and Agatha Christie novel.  Also the whole idea of “good” and “bad” people in the town and our perception of them is a universal theme you see in detective stories.

D. Where is the show?

The setting of this British show is amazing with beautiful white cliffs and green green pastures and the old-time town.  It’s the sort of timelessness you sometimes see in beach towns.

E. Some theories and thoughts

I love being fooled by the show’s I watch but it doesn’t stop me from making wild guesses and assumptions.  I wonder if Danny saw some criminal activity and was killed for it.  I wonder if Beth Latimer was the first to have an affair and her husband is getting back at her for that.  I wonder if the psychic might be on to some truth by guessing a secret about Hardy. I have some deep suspicion of mother of the young journalist right now.  Her back-story will be interesting when we get to it.

BBC America’s Broadchurch

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