S109 – Under the Dome Review – The Fourth Hand

Under the Dome S109 – The Fourth Hand

Sorry this is getting out late.  I was on vacation last week and had to watch the show on DVR when I got back.

“The Fourth Hand” –Big Jim and Barbie discover that their lives are more connected than they had first thought when a mysterious woman, Maxine (played by Natalie Zea), appears unexpectedly in Chester’s Mill..

1) Plot Overview for The Fourth Hand, S109 of Under the Dome:

I thought this was a fairly good episode.  The story between JR and Angie has gotten interesting now that she has a suspicion that JR might really be trying to protect her from the effects of the dome.

Joe and Norrie

This week Joe and Norrie try to catch a chicken and then go searching for the egg and mini dome.  But it’s gone.  Someone (or more likely the dome itself) has moved the egg into their farmhouse.  The chickens and egg, get it?  Ha!  Anyway it looks like the egg needs to be activated by four hands.  Three of them we have already (Joe, Norrie, and Angie).  All of them have had a dome induced seizure.  So the question is, who will be the fourth hand?  Any guesses anyone?  I really don’t even have a clue other than they all seem to share one thing – youth.  Or as My Cousin Vinny would say “yoots”.

JR and Big Jim

JR may only be slightly deluded by keeping Angie safe from the dome, as he knew what the pink stars falling in lines might refer to.  The answer is his now deceased (by suicide) mom, was an artist who drew a picture of JR (after seeing him in a dream) outside a house where pink stars were falling from the sky.  Angie seems to believe his story for once.  Plus she probably doesn’t want to have any more seizures.  Big Jim is told by Angie that he needs to give her some real responsibility by making her owner of the diner.  He will consider it.  Meanwhile he figured out a way to get the town folk to give him all the guns, which he is now secretly storing in the bomb shelter.

The Monarch – All we know is that Angie’s tattoo is not a monarch butterfly.

2) New Characters

  • Samantha (Sam) – One hot chick who tricked Barbie into working for her over a drink.  She holds blackmail over him and Big Jim as she knows their secrets.  In Big Jim’s case she is the one who used the town as a cover for making the illegal drugs.
  • Crazy guy who lost his wife and kid on dome day –  Big Jim talked him down from his attempt to blow himself up with a grenade (Big Jim did a nice thing, but then maybe he really just wanted his guns).

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – Is stockpiling a whole lot of guns, grenades and ammunition.  Reminds me a bit of Season 2 LOST with the gun locker that Locke took charge of.
  • Julia – Tried to find the mini dome using the radio engineer’s homing device.  She claims the device is broken.  But the kids found the mini dome anyway.
  • Barbie – Does not have any heroic adventures this week.  In fact, we know he was tricked by Sam, who also knows he killed Julia’s husband.
  • Junior – May be right about the dome causing craziness after all.  It takes one to know one, I guess.
  • Linda – She uncovers Duke’s secret. Duke was getting hush money from Sam to keep the drug operation a secret.  I bet however that Duke wasn’t completely corrupt, but now Linda no longer venerates him.
  • Norrie and Joe – Have figured out (or at least theorized) a lot about the dome.  In fact, it’s probably why the dome chose them. You need a childlike faith to really “see” what the dome is up to.
  • Deaths – I don’t remember anyone really dying this week although one guy got shot by his crazy neighbor.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

 We haven’t seen any other seizures so I can’t guess who the fourth hand will be.  The monarch mystery was not explained this week either (although Joe mentioned the monarch butterflies we saw flying near the dome a few shows ago).  Angie still seems like the most interesting character arc so far on the show.  Max seemed to come out of nowhere.  She was really just hanging out the last 8 or 9 days?  This means she did not seek the shelter of the concrete mine when the bomb hit the dome.  She is one brave and tough women then.  I hope she really does have a way to make sure Big Jim and Barbie’s secret will get out if she dies ,because they should both have reasons to get rid her.  She better hope she doesn’t have any metal fillings or something that the dome could short-circuit.

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