S110 – Under the Dome Review – Let the Games Begin

Under the Dome S110 – Let the Games Begin

A somewhat interesting episode marred with a bunch of problems.

“Let the Games Begin” –Julia uncovers the truth about her husband’s disappearance and unravels some of Chester’s Mill’s darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Maxine shows Barbie how she plans to take control of the town.

1) Plot Overview for The Fourth Hand, S109 of Under the Dome:

I thought this was a fairly bad episode.  We had two monolog-ing bad gals who spilled the beans about their plans and what they know, and once again Julia seems to forgive far too easily.

Joe and Norrie and Angie

The three domer’s find that JR is the fourth hand.  Magically JR had a seizure some time ago (before the dome came down) at the 10th grade dance, so he qualifies for domedom.  When the four hands touch the mini dome the pink stars appear in a very Spielbergian moment of wonder and awe.

JR and Big Jim

Big Jim tries to outwit Sam by finding her secret house on the island in the lake.  Turns out the caretaker of said house is her crazy mom.  The mom lets herself get captured by Jim and then Jim watches her fall out of a boat and drown.

Julia and Barbie and Max

Max tells Barbie her plan to take over the town by being the illicit dealer of entertainment at the cement factory.  She wants Barbie (I guess) to be her enforcer, but when he refuses she makes him do a fight club instead.  Pointless and kinda dumb.  Meanwhile Julia finds out more about Peter’s past and how he “protected” her by taking out a life insurance policy on himself and then “enticing” Barbie to kill him.  Don’t you believe it.

2) New Characters

  • Sheriff Duke – Not a new character but he is brought back in spirit when Linda finds out that he was involved in Sam’s drug production scheme to make drugs in Chester’s Mill in exchange for her not dealing drugs in the town.  Hey, isn’t Duke a cop?  Why not just arrest her instead?  I know his son died of drug abuse, but is making more drugs to sell outside the town really a solution?  Um, no.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – Wow wherever he goes someone dies.  This week he allows Sam’s mom to fall out of a boat and drown.  Where was he taking her anyway?  I must have missed that part.
  • Julia – Barbie finally confesses to her.  Of course this is made easier by her discovery of Peter’s life insurance policy.  Well I guess everything has worked out for the best 😉
  • Barbie – See Julia.
  • Junior – Was right about the dome and his mom’s pink star painting was replicated by their dome séance.
  • Linda – Now knows about Sam’s involvement in the drug production.
  • Norrie and Joe – Lied about how Dodee got the burn marks on her hand when she was shocked by the mini dome.
  • Deaths – I guess Sam’s mom deserved to die, but she sure seemed like a nice lady when she pretended to be friendly to Big Jim.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

 The story lines from the first few episodes have now been wrapped up.  We know why Duke was letting Big Jim hide the propane.  We know that the dome may have been involved in events even before dome day, when the 10th grade dance party had seizures.  That must have been about 8 years earlier.

So I guess the last three episodes will start setting things up for next season.  I hope they are good episodes.  Now that CBS knows they have a hit they can spend some more money and effort on this show.  But will they?  We will have to see.

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