S111 – Under the Dome Review – Speak of the Devil

Under the Dome S111 – Speak of the Devil

This episode started out great with the angry dome showing itself in all its cloudiness.  But then it became a bit too much of a soap opera for my liking.

“Speak of the Devil” – Big Jim turns the town against Barbie when the truth about his past comes to light. Meanwhile, Maxine makes it personal when she confronts Barbie’s closest ally.

1) Plot Overview for Speak of the Devil, S111 of Under the Dome:

Joe and Norrie and Angie and JR

The gang is all here at the dome.  With the four teens lying in a cross pattern, this reminded me of the game Hungry Hungry Hippo for some reason, with all the players flayed out like hippos around the mini dome.  Angie believes they all have to stay together to keep the dome happy so she reluctantly agrees to bring JR back to the fold after he professes his love to her (again) which she really hates.  They end up going to the big dome for a four-way seance which reveals something urgent the dome needs them to do.

JR and Big Jim

Big Jim explains himself to Linda as savior of the town (for stealing propane and giving it to Max) and blames Barbie as the bad guy outsider.  Linda buys his story when at the end of the show she tries to arrest Barbie for killing Max and her henchman.  But really it was Big Jim’s plan all along to shoot Max and goon (which he did when Barbie wasn’t looking.)

Julia and Barbie

Along the lines of a soap opera, Julia wants “closure” the only way she knows how by visiting the corpse of her dead husband.  But she is rudely interrupted when Max drops by to borrow some sugar and shoots Julia in the chest.  Barbie again goes into hero mode.  I am sorry TV producers but Barbie can’t be the hero every time can he?  He again saves the day this time by pulling a Jack Shephard triage using a pen (or some sort of tube) to relieve air pressure in Julia’s lower lung with Joe playing the part of Boone.  While Julia is still barely clinging to life, Barbie decides to take revenge on Max by bringing her to trial.  Hey wouldn’t Barbie be questioned under oath about his nefarious dealings too?  Instead he teams up with Big Jim and well you know the rest.

2) New Characters

  • Hospital nurse – Apparently she is the only person working at the hospital because she leaves a dying woman to attend to man hit by a tree branch.  Luckily Barbie is a great surgeon so he takes over to save Julia.  Well he saves her when the dome abates its storm.

3) Recurring Characters

  • The Dome –  Is really the star of this show.  It gets real angry when JR leaves the dome team of four.  Then it gets even angrier when Julia is shot.  I don’t know why, but if the Dome wanted to save Julia why would it put storm impediments in the way of her getting help at the hospital?  Or did the dome relent from its wrath after Angie and JR come in contact?
  • Big Jim – He claims to want to save the town, but Barbie says Jim only wants the power and he will stop him but first he teams up with him to get Max (killed).  Nice going Barbie.
  • Julia – Is dead for a second or two.  Joe thinks Barbie saved her and is the Monarch to be crowned.  I thought the dome had something to do with her recovery.
  • Barbie – He is now on the run when Linda tries to arrest him for killing Max, Barbie runs off (maybe to the cabin?).
  • Junior – He tells Angie they were meant to be a couple and Angie finally agrees with him (lying) when the dome goes berserk.
  • Linda – She is still a terrible cop.  She tries to arrest the wrong person, but Barbie gets away.
  • Deaths – Max was evil but it was a fun kind of evil.  I am going to miss her wild and selfish personality on the show.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

There is only two episodes left this season!  So the dome wants the 4 amigos to kill Big Jim with daggers.  Cool.  But do we really think that is going to happen?  Isn’t Big Jim the star of the show.  Has Dean Norris decided to leave TV to do movies?  I don’t think Barbie can carry the show by himself.  So if Big Jim doesn’t die what is dome really up to?  Maybe it’s a character test to see if the kids would be that brazen.  Why did Big Jim look happy with four stab wounds to his body?

Will Barbie show up at the cabin (in the woods)?  Will the writers have Barbie save some woodland creatures from a bear or a lion?  Stay tuned for next week’s episode.

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