The Killing is Dead for Now and Maybe Forever

AMC announced that they have decided not to air a Season 4 of The Killing.

What Killed The Killing?

A. The ratings

Season 3 of The Killing was better than the previous seasons, but the ratings just did not reflect improvement.

B. AMC’s Low Winter Sun and BBCA’s Broadchurch

I have only seen the trailers for Low Winter Sun but it seems very gritty and dark, a bit like The Killing.  (Although TK had some really great cinematography as well).  Broadchurch has a similar story line to seasons 1 and 2 of TK.  I think the days of the “dark” foreboding stories “trend” may be ending.  Read my earlier post on TK where I talk about its influences, like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

C. The Stars

I bet the stars would come back to show but they are both involved in A list movies with Enos in World War Z and Joel K in the upcoming Robocop.  So scheduling and salary might be an issue for them to come back.

Anyway if you are a fan of the show I would strongly suggest you read the comments below the story at  There is a bunch of fans there that would have loved to get another season of The Killing.


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