Breaking Bad – The Ending No One Saw Coming

AMC’s Breaking Bad will be ending in a couple of weeks.  Here are some of my suggestions on how to end the series.

Crazy Endings to Breaking Bad

A. The Usual Suspects

Just like in the movie The Usual Suspects, the least suspected person turns out to be the genius behind it all.  Yes, I mean Walt Jr.  All this time he has played the innocent with his family when in reality he was masterminding it all using psychic brain control.

B. Marie Goes Ballistic

Marie uses her shoplifting skills to “appropriate” enough evidence to send Walter to the slammer for good.  Let’s start with that taped confession that Jessie made.  She goes on national TV to declare WW enemy number one.  Actually I think this might really happen.

C. Zombieland

Gus Fring is not dead, he is undead and returns to exact revenge on his former employee.  Just when Walter thinks he is free from justice he begins hearing “brains” and “chicken” as Gus attacks him.  Since he only has half a face he really can’t bite him to death so he throws him in the chicken fryer instead creating a new product, Heisenwings.

D. Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman goes crazy from all the stress that Walt has put him under.  One day he breaks bad and starts screaming “Who you gonna call?”  And answers “Saul Goodman” right before he “crosses the streams” and sends the entire show into another dimension of space and time.

E. Jessie Rules

Speaking of another time and dimension Jessie encounters the dudes from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure and they try to out slang each other.  Whoa, cool, narly, and beatch!  They go back in time to before the RV cooking adventure and change Walter’s formula.  Blue Meth becomes Mentos and they all become filthy rich without the nasty side effects.

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