Under the Dome Season 1 Finale Wrap Up

Under the Dome Barbie and Julia

In my last Under the Dome post, I made some predictions.  What came true, and what didn’t is recounted below.

Here are my predictions about the end of this season.

1) Plot Predictions for Under the Dome:

No one is going to die

  • That’s right not one of the stars of the show are going to die.  Not Angie for sure.  Not Big Jim or even little Jim.  Not Barbie or Julia.  The only one who might die is Norrie’s surviving mom.  Not sure why I think that, but even so her death is only remotely possible.
  • No big names died at all.  So I was right.  Did anyone die?  I don’t think so.  There is one possible death but we never saw it and it would be a spoiler to say who it was.

The egg

  • It will “super energize” releasing the butterfly who will mutate into the monarch.  Hopefully it will be something scary, but I doubt it.
  • Again I was pretty close on this one.  The egg did super energize (first it started with the high pitch squealing noise, then the butterfly hatched into a monarch or visa versa, then the butterfly started flying into the mini dome making dark patches.

The mini dome and the dome

  • Will disappear somehow (the kids might do something wrong) to release the monarch.  Once it dies the big dome (super dome?) will start to act very strange.  Maybe it will turn dark red or purple like when someone hits your arm and you are bruised.  Hopefully it will start snowing and then everyone will yell “We are trapped in a bloody snow globe!”.
  • Again I was pretty close.  The mini dome exploded into dust after the kids touched it.  By then the big dome had turned totally dark, blocking out the sun.  The egg was left behind along with the monarch.  The monarch may have crowned Julia (or maybe she just believes it did).

2) Character Predictions

  • Angie will mock marry Junior or Barbie.  Nope.
  • Julia will suffer amnesia or slip into a coma from her wound.  Nope.
  • Big Jim will kill somebody (this prediction has to come true!).  Maybe he will kill Phil the DJ.  Sadly nope.
  • Barbie will heroically save someone (also must come true!).  Of course!  He saved them all by “sacrificing” himself to Jim.
  • Dodee will rise from the dead to seek revenge (probably a long shot).  Nope, but someone else rose from the dead.
  • Junior will start to act cray cray (I mean really crazy) and yell at his dad before hugging him.  Yep, but he didn’t really yell.
  • The kids will go after Big Jim but Jim will survive and get even more meglomaniacal (this has to be a word!).  Jim did get more mega power mad, but the kids never got a chance to get him.

This was an interesting episode, but I won’t be thinking about the show until it returns next year.  If I cared more about the characters I have would probably thought differently.

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  1. I realised how poorly this show is written in this show. Linda was so annoying in saying this is police property, as if she had a full force to work with, her behavior in the first few scene made me cringe.

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