Summer 2013 TV – My Best and Worst Rating Scores

Breaking Bad, The Killing, Broadchurch, Under the Dome

Here is my view of the best Summer TV for 2013 by ranking.

Under the Dome: Score B-

Cool things about the show

  • Crazy scenario:  We got people trapped under an invisible (but now visible) dome.  That’s cool.  Much like LOST,  people need to learn to live together to survive while at the same time try to solve the mystery of the dome.  Strangers need to become friends in a big hurry.
  • Good production:  With Spielberg, Bender, Vaughn, and CBS producing the series, the show is usually top-notch in terms of quality and the last episode had a lot of momentum and big twists.
  • Ratings:  This show has the ratings to sustain itself as a Fall or Spring series.  However since its working well in the summer, I think CBS will still air the show in the summertime. 

Annoying things about the show

  • The dialog and some of the character’s choices can be a bit dumb.  However if the show is targeting teens I think this is not a big problem.  My problem is I am not a teen. 
  • The characters seem to fit their stereotypes a bit too much.  Couldn’t Barbie not do something heroic every week?
  • Where is the danger?  It seems to have taken a bomb explosion, a meningitis outbreak, and now the dark dome for people to really begin to bond together.  Shouldn’t this have happened when they were all trapped and couldn’t get out?

The Killing – Score B

Cool things about the show

  • The brother – sister relationship between Holder and Linden.  They cut each down and build each other up really effectively on the show.  I credit the smart writing and great acting.
  • Atmosphere:  The dark and beautiful scenes of cold rivers, cities and rain.  Wonderful cinematography.

Annoying things about the show

  • The writers make the characters look dumb way too much.  The ending of season 3 had our main characters interacting with the killer throughout the show, but they didn’t figure it his/her murderous ways until the last episode.  This after having tracked down lead, after dead-end lead, going nowhere most of the time.
  • AMC’s decision to not renew the show just as they started to work out some of the problems.  Unfortunately AMC seems to have decided on the easy route of sequels, for their upcoming shows next year.

Broadchurch – Score B+

Cool things about the show

  • Excellent acting, direction, and writing.
  • It’s like an Agatha Christie novel in that the town of Broadchurch has a darker side that is hidden under the surface.  Watching the characters begin to realize this is fascinating.
  • Having the main detective be a bit unstable is interesting too.  This is a bit like our heroine in The Killing, but I like that our Broadchurch detective has (so far) not undermined the investigation (yet) with really bad choices.  But he is more than a jerk sometimes.

Annoying things about the show

  • The plot line with the old newspaper and shop owner seemed a bit too predictable.
  • I would like to give this show and score of A- but I need to see how it ends first.

Breaking Bad – Score A+

Cool things about the show

  • Excellent acting, direction, and writing.
  • The twists on this show are riveting and sometimes unbearable to contemplate.
  • It looks like the show has already stuck the landing in the way that LOST and (sorry) The Sopranos did not.  I realize we still have a couple of episodes yet, but the TV watching nation has really caught on with this final season.

Annoying things about the show

  • Jessie figuring out Walt’s complicity in Brock’s poisoning right before he heads out-of-town seemed both coincidental and even accidental.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog during the Summer 2013 season.  I think I might do a few blog posts on the mythology behind the show Sleepy Hollow next.  You might want to try to catch the pilot of that show so you know what I am referring to.

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