A Short Review and Info on the Mythology of Sleep Hollow

Sleepy Hollow (FOX 9pm EST Monday)


Sleepy Hollow TV series mini review

Most of the critics think this show is either really good or really bad.  I guess I agree.  We jump from one interesting plot device to another with lots of action and little time to slow down and think.  In other words it’s kinda crazy.  If you like crazy shows I would recommend it.  If you want something you can follow without too much trouble then you might just hate it.  Even if you do watch week to week it might still be impossible to follow, because the mythology jumps from one thing to the next.  I liked the fact that main characters realize they are in serious danger and have been maybe (probably)  prepared for these world-changing events through their past experiences.

Mythology of Sleepy Hollow

To put it in it’s simplest terms, the show seems like a cross between the movies Van Helsing (with Hugh Jackman), and National Treasure (Nicholas Cage), mixed with the TV shows Fringe (on FOX) and LOST (on ABC).

  • In Van Helsing (2004) – Jackman portrayed a monster hunter whose life’s pursuit was killing off the famous monsters of cinema (Dracula, Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll, and Frankenstein’s monster).  He teams up with a beautiful countess who has already started the battle to protect her brother from the evil forces.
  • In National Treasure (2007) – Nick Cage is a historian and archaeologist who pursues historical clues that lead him to ancient secrets.  He is forced to be outside of society because no one believes these old clues are really clues at all.  For instance he believes the Declaration of Independence may have a hidden map contained therein.  He teams up with a beautiful archivist who reluctantly agrees to help him solve the mysteries.

Both Fringe and LOST employed mysteries (the former with science and technology, and the latter with the island’s geophysical properties) that compelled the characters to understand and overcome their obstacles to find a better world.

Now what makes Sleepy Hollow unique is it uses the time of witches and Puritan culture as a backdrop for its drama.  The show starts off in 1781 during the Revolutionary war.  Ichabod Crane fights off the headless horseman and is killed but returns to our time only to find the horseman alive and happy to kill everyone in sight.  He brings with him a type of puritan colonial culture with superstitions, witch covens (both good and bad), and references to the bible’s Book of Revelation.

  • The Book of Revelation is the last book in the bible and was written around AD 60 although scholars debate that point.
  • It foretells the return of Christ to save his people from the wicked Roman culture that would entice them to worship man over God.
  • Specifically the early Christians were being told to worship the emperor of Rome as the supreme power on earth and to trust him for all the good things in their life (mainly peace and prosperity).  But Rome secured the peace through force of arms and intimidation.
  • The Book of Revelation is written in a style known as Apocalyptic which was a genre akin to our sci-fi.  It told a dramatic story with narrative elements as well as symbolic elements.  It was written like a plot with characters, settings, and plot.  The two main settings were heaven and earth.  The main characters were the Beast (Rome) and the Woman (God’s people).  The plot involved God’s people standing firm in their faith until the Beast could be killed.
  • Here is where the Four Horseman come in.  Only the Pale Horse is given the name of Death. On the show the Headless Horseman is Death.
  • The other three horses carry out vengeance on the Earth.  The White Horse symbolized victory or conquest.  The Red Horse rider is given a sword and takes away peace from the earth.  The Black Horse rider is given scales (of judgement for wickedness) and notes the prices of certain goods are really expensive due to famine or inflation.
  • We will have to see how these horses are used on the show.  The show also mentions of a seven-year tribulation period.  But the Bible actually talks about two periods of three and a half years.

I would really recommend reading the Book of Revelation. You can read it free at biblegateway.com.  You don’t have to worry because the book was written during the first century for first century readers.  Although we can all learn quite a lot from what they went through.

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