What TV will you be Watching – Summer 2014 edition?

Hey everyone.  It is time to gear up for the summer 2014 TV watching season.  I will preview the coming shows here in a second.  I would like to know what shows you plan to watch and why.  I will give some of my thoughts on that as well.  Note:  To keep things simple, this list will focus on the genre and action shows, but feel free to comment on any summer show(s) you might want to watch.

24: Live Another Day - Summer TV

24: Live Another Day – Summer TV

May 2014:

Jack is back and in England.  24 – Live Another Day. (12 Episodes) – FOX

Victorian England goes supernatural.  Penny Dreadful. (8 Episodes) – Showtime

Zombies in England.  In the Flesh. (9 Episodes) – BBC

Being John Malkovich and a Pirate in the Bahamas.  Crossbones. (3 at least Episodes) – NBC

June 2014

Las Vegas set comic book show based on the movie Legion.  Dominion. (Pilot is the only one announced) – SyFy

Global pandemic brought on by director Michael Bay.  The Last Ship.  (10 Episodes) – TNT

Rapture based show co-developed and run by Lost’s Damon Lindelof.  The Leftovers. (10 Episodes) – HBO

July 2014

Halle Barry does not return alone from space.  Extant. (13 Episodes) – CBS

Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) vampire story.  The Strain. (13 Episodes) – FX

August 2014

The end of the Killing, murder at a boy’s school.  The Killing. (6 Episodes) – NetFlix

In the next post I will give you my criteria for the shows I plan to watch.  Big thanks to pogdesign’s TV Calendar which you can link to here.






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