Penny Dreadful and 24: Live Another Day


The new summer TV shows have started so I thought I would begin writing some short reviews.

Penny Dreadful:


  • Timothy Dalton and Eva Green – A lot of us were introduced to Mr. Dalton as James Bond back in the late 1980’s.  He came across a lot more serious and stiff then Roger Moore who he replaced.  But that was a good thing because the Bond series had become ridiculously silly (remember Jaws the Neanderthal looking guy with braces!).  Anyway I had forgotten about Dalton until he was in the Rocketeer and in Hot Fuzz, both times playing bad guys.  He was the best player in both – evil but good, if you know what I mean.  Now Eva Green has been absolutely exceptional in the last few movies/shows she has starred in.  She was an evil vampire hunter in Dark Shadows, a temptress warrior in the 300 sequel and a demon witch in Camelot.  She chews the scenery and seems to love to take big chances in over the top roles.  You may mostly remember her as Bond’s foil in the recent reboot Casino Royale opposite Daniel Craig.

  • Victorian scenery – If you liked the scenery in the Robert Downey version of Sherlock Holmes I think you might like what they are doing here on Penny Dreadful.  Everything is a bit dark and sinister, but also occasionally wonderfully weird.

  • The Plot – Is mysterious but has to do with Dalton’s search for his lost daughter who apparently has been kidnapped by dark forces.


  • This could be a pro or a con.  The show seems to be headed into territory explored in A League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  That movie was deadly dull in my opinion.  It had too many characters who were not given enough motivation for whatever it was they were doing.  However if you like comic book type movies or shows,  you might like how they are drawing a bit from a familiar source.

  • The show is on Showtime network.  You can watch the first episode for free on their web site but after that you need cable TV and a premium subscription (or friends that have it).

24: Live Another Day


  • Jack is back and I can tell you he is on track.  Whether you were an original viewer or a new viewer I would highly recommend you watch the first two hours of this new season.  Jack and Chloe are the people who try to stop the world from ending in 24 hours.  The premise itself is action embodied.

  • The technology is up to date with all the latest buzzwords and shadowy organizations.

  • The show is on the Fox website and Hulu or Hulu plus.


  • The archetypal characters from before are also back (the clueless boss, the cool-blonde CTU analyst, etc.)

  • Obviously the show is violent and it needs to be, but sometimes it does push things a bit far into the gratuitous realm.

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