In the Flesh Series 2

In the Flesh - BBC, BBCA

In the Flesh – BBC, BBCA

The new summer TV shows have started so I thought I would begin writing some short reviews.  Note: The premise is SPOILED for some shows that aired recently.  If you want to see these shows and don’t want to know the premise than be wary.

In the Flesh


  • A different kind of zombie show ( a zom drom = zombie drama) – This show follows a recent trend in “returned from the dead” TV shows and movies.  In The Returned, the zombies are just innocent people who died suddenly and now are alive again.  Years have gone by and their families have aged but they have not.  And in Warm Bodies there are different types of zombies, some are nice and some are very zombie-ish.  In these new zom-drom’s,  the zombie characters are the focus, and how they learn to cope with their zombie characteristics is the source of drama.

  • Family and community – Like The Returned, you see how the community reacts to “the dead” in a number of different ways.  However in Warm Bodies the focus was mainly on the two protagonists.

  • The show is on BBC and BBC America and you can watch the first episode of Series 2 for free at their website.

  • Also this show airs right after the excellent Orphan Black.


  • Unfortunately the whole time I was watching In the Flesh I just kept thinking about other shows.  In particular I thought it seemed to be just like True Blood in that there were zombies (or vampires) who were organizing themselves against the threat of “normal” society.  What I liked about True Blood is that the show runners seemed to be having some fun with this premise.  In the Flesh just seems a bit too serious.  I will caveat this to say I have only watched one episode, so I could be wrong about this if things change in the future.


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