Crossbones - Season 1The new summer TV shows have started so I thought I would begin writing some short reviews.  Note: The premise is SPOILED for some shows that aired recently.  If you want to see these shows and don’t want to know the premise than be wary.



  • Crossbones is about the British navy’s attempt to get rid of the famous pirate Blackbeard.  I liked this better than Black Sails which seemed to be similar in plot.  But this show is better executed (with Liz Sarnoff from Lost as co-producer).

  • There is betrayal brewing on all sides, both within the British and Pirate camps.  Also the women pirates play a very large part in the proceedings.

  • The show is on NBC and you can watch the episodes for free at their website or on Hulu.


  • The main character has already survived being attacked and captured by pirates on the high seas;  he has been choked, tortured, beaten and even shot.  But he continues on at full strength, so much so that he can go swimming with a lovely lady.


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