The Leftovers

The Leftovers – HBO

The new summer TV shows have started so I thought I would begin writing some short reviews.  Note: The premise is SPOILED for some shows that aired recently.  If you want to see these shows and don’t want to know the premise than be wary.

The Leftovers


  • Well HBO isn’t doing a free preview weekend on DirecTV for this show so I will have to give you my impressions from reading the reviews.  Why is that a Pro?  Well when you get to the Con’s you will understand.

  • This show is developed by two highly acclaimed TV vets, LOST’s Damon Lindelof and Friday Night Lights’ Peter Berg.

  • Based on the reviews, the show is artful and interesting in its premise of the people left behind after a Rapture like event.  The show is mysterious (good) but there is no assurance that the basic mysteries will be solved (not good, as far as I am concerned).

  • The show has Liv Tyler in her first big TV role.  We all loved Liv in Lord of the Rings and Stealing Beauty.


  • From what I can tell the show is a lot like Friday Night Lights (small town setting with close knit community interactions) but with a dour almost hopeless tone.

  • I am pretty sure I don’t want to watch 10 episodes of hopeless people fighting and a general lack of progress towards the goal of the show.  Which by the way, what is the goal?  Maybe its like Under the Dome or maybe its like Lost, I don’t know.  By that I mean are they trying to escape the dome or the island and also figure out how they got there?

  • It’s a little unfair of me to criticize the show just based on other people’s reviews, so I would recommend you watch the show yourself.  All I can say is you might not like the serious nature of the show.

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