Mid Summer Course Corrections

Crossbones – NBC

In this article I discuss the new summer shows.  What could they do to improve and keep our interest until Fall?  Note: The premise is SPOILED for some shows that aired recently.  If you want to see these shows and don’t want to know the premise than be wary.

Mid Summer Course Corrections for the New Summer TV shows

The Strain

  • I like Corey Stoll but that hairpiece is distracting me something awful.  Maybe the writers could get rid of it by having the Strain attack just the top of his head.

  • It’s just a suggestion but could you please get rid of Eph’s family dynamic altogether.  I don’t want anything bad to happen but maybe we could just visit them less often.

  • The Master is one mean and scary dude and Van Helsing guy has been after him for years (but somehow let him escape to America?).  What else do we know about the Master?  I guess he can do something that gives people power and maybe a longer life.  Of course we know how that one ends.  The life is longer but not better; and you get to be his slave.

The Last Ship

  • I really like this show but why is it called the “Last” ship.  I mean in the third episode we come across a Russian ship.  So maybe the show should be The Second to Last Ship.

  • Why would you risk the fate of the earth (and your families if they are alive) to save some people you just met?  The least they could have done was go back to the ship and get some troops and weapons.

  • Maybe Rhona Mitra’s character has yet to see the latest planet of the Apes movies.  If you experiment on chimps you might get a super intelligent chimp who steals your lunch (and takes over the world)!



  • The expression used to be “I could use that as much as a hole in the head”.  Apparently Blackbeard meant that as a good thing.

  • Why doesn’t “crutches guy” just smack the Spy Doctor in the family jewels (or I guess you could say “hidden treasure”) with his crutch.  That might keep him away from his wife for a while.

  • BIG SPOILER coming up:  So Blackbeard’s plan is to sink the treasure ships and recover the bouillon from Davy Jones locker.  There must be an easier way.  I know… he could build a sub.  Wait he is.  But if he could build a sub couldn’t he just sneak up on a ship at night and gas the crew in their sleep, then steal the treasure and be off with the booty?  No muss no fuss.  Whatever happens next should be very interesting.

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