The Killing – Last Season Episode 4.1

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These recaps will SPOIL everything from the Killing up to the latest episode reviewed.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 1 – Blood in the Water

Recap: Holder and Linden discuss their alibi story.  Linden is very conflicted;  she wants to close the case so that the victim’s families can know where the bodies of the deceased are (they are in the lake near the killer’s cabin).  But she knows she shot the killer not in self-defense but in anger.  (If you are still reading, you can still watch Season 3 and catch up on what happened, otherwise SPOILERS for season 3).  But Linden’s relationship with the Killer would make her the prime suspect.  Plus they would throw her out of the police force for not catching him sooner and missing all the clues that led to his guilt. So Linden and Holder cover their tracks as best they can by washing out the blood, and then lying to the cops and to the young boy who saw the killer.  But there is one thing left to cover up and that is the murder weapon and bullet shells.  Linden can’t seem to part with them.  She has unresolved feelings about the person she trusted and also what she did to end his life.  To make matters worse she feels like she may be pregnant from their relationship.  She takes drastic measures which she obviously hates to end any chance for pregnancy.  Holder tries to talk to her, but she won’t discuss any of this due to her shame.  Poor Linden, as usual things in her personal life are the pits.

Now a new case is starting.  An entire family is shot in their beautiful home.  Holder and Linden investigate.  The primary suspect is the youngest boy in the family.  He was away at a military academy but was found in the home with his prints on the gun that he apparently used to kill himself after shooting them.  But there are some problems.  The young man was not dead, the bullet only grazed his head.  Also they find the ballistics don’t match.  The young man has forgotten what happened at the home that night.  He also misses his sister.  The leads don’t seem to point to him being the killer.  Even the will that was left did not leave him any money until he turns 35 years old.  The focus is on the military academy now.  Did someone there have a motive to kill the family?  We meet the officer in charge.  She knows the family well.  She seems to have had a personal relationship with the father.  But there is no evidence (yet) that they were having an affair.  Holder talks to another cadet who seems to think that the young suspect was a nobody (i.e. he had no friends at the academy).  As this episode ends.  Linden is trying to find the bullet casings so she can dispose of them.  She thinks Holder is at her door, but it turns out to be the daughter of the man she shot.  The daughter has no idea her father is (and now was) a murderer.  She saw him last leaving with Linden.  She asks her where her father is but Linden lies and says she doesn’t know.  The episode ends with the daughter pleading for her dad to come out of the house and talk to her.


  • The heart-breaking Linden scenes.  She felt like her life had turned around only to find that the man she trusted had lied to her all along.  She has to push his memories from her head but each time it leads her to great remorse.

  • The heart warming Holder scene.  When Holder asks the super nice Jewel Staite to marry him she agrees after he tells her he wants to be a good man and help her carry her child (but we knew he was a good man, and Jewel tells him so).

  • The awesomely creepy and sad vibe from the cinematography and music.

  • Joan Allen from the Bourne movies plays the military academy superintendent.

My working theory on the case:  They are leading me to think the young man was setup to take the fall for the murder of his family.  Either that is the case or he is extremely brave for allowing someone (or even himself) to shoot him in the head but only to make a grazing wound.  So conceivably he could have been given some sleeping pills and was removed from his barracks and placed at the house.  That is why he would not remember how he got there.

Big question:  Where is the gun that shot the family?  I could see Linden and Holder searching for it (probably without a warrant) at the academy.

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