The Killing – Last Season Episode 4.2

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These recaps will SPOIL everything from the Killing up to the latest episode reviewed.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 2 – Unraveling

Recap: As is usually the case, things are not as clear-cut as they first appear.  In this second episode of the last season, we find out some secret things about Kyle Stansberry’s family.

After talking to the Stansberry’s neighbor, Linden and Holder realize that the house lights were not on during the shooting, it was the beach house lights that were on.  The neighbor is an artist and as such likes to look at the wildlife and such outside.  However the wild life he is interested in is mostly inside the Stansberry’s house.  Seems that he has been taking pictures of the oldest daughter through her window and that she knows about it and has actually kept some the pictures.  After they investigate the beach house they find women’s clothes hidden in a backpack that belong to a known felon who was nearly charged for assaulting Mr. Stansberry.

Linden is still trying to deal with the guilt of killing her partner.  His daughter is frantically looking for him.  So detective Reddick offers to help her.  He has figured out that Linden was the last person to have spoken to him and that here phone was working (when she told him it wasn’t).  When he confronts Linden she barks at him that she had the affair and any further questions can be directed at her ex (now dead) partner.  Linden makes a decision at the end of the episode to go visit the daughter at her house.  Meanwhile Holder is trying to keep Linden in check while he shops for baby stuff.  And Kyle tries to get the cadets on his side by lying about their hazing to the headmaster.  Tyler also has a secret meeting with the felon who has returned to find out if Kyle is okay after being shot.  The have a close relationship and she is not at all unhappy that the Stansberry’s are dead.


  • Listening to the artist explain how pain and suffering are more revealing of reality than happiness.  This sounds like a main them of the show!

  • Holder stealing the donuts and coffee from Reddick, and his addiction to Capt Crunchberry.

  • Linden’s decision to go see Skinner’s daughter.  What is she going to say, or do to her?

  • My latest  working theory on the case:  Kat Newton, who is Kyle’s friend or girlfriend was inside the house on multiple occasions.  Was she there to see Tyler or Mr. Stansberry?  Or was she a friend of the daughter?  Could she have somehow helped the killer?

Big question:  Where is the gun that shot the family?  I could see Linden and Holder searching for it (probably without a warrant) at the academy.  That question was not answered this week, it may take a while to find it if ever.

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