The Killing – Last Season Episode 4.3

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These recaps will SPOIL everything from the Killing up to the latest episode reviewed.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 3 – The Good Soldier

Recap: Crimes are difficult to hide.  In this third episode of the last season, we find out that Reddick is a smart cop after all and Linden and Holder begin to reach the breaking point.

Sure enough Linden is stalking Skinner’s daughter.  I thought she might want to talk to her, but instead she follows her and nearly knocks her off her bike.  Was she trying to hurt her?  Things are getting darker indeed.  So dark in fact, that Linden takes Kyle back to his house to visit the crime scene (she thinks he may be protecting Kat who was staying the beach house the night of the murders).  She basically rubs his nose in the crime, but again, Kyle confesses under great duress that he remembers nothing from that night.

Reddick goes to Skinner’s wife and finds out that Holder talked to her about going up to the lake house, but Holder denies it.  When Holder tells this to Linden she takes drastic action and sends a fake text to Skinner’s daughter using the man’s phone, which she was supposed to dispose of along with the rest of the evidence.  She still can’t find one of the shell’s from the gun.  Both characters are meet up with family, but the guilt is too great for Holder and he snaps at his sister.  This leads him to start using again.  When he attends his rehab meeting to talk about it he accuses God of checking out on him.  But Linden did suggest to him that they confess.  I mean they did catch the killer, so that has to be worth something.

Back at the academy.  Lincoln sees Kyle talking to Kat and tells the Colonel about it.  She lets the cops know.  She also invites Kyle over to her house where they have dinner and a heart to heart about growing up with demanding fathers.  She says she is happy now because the academy focused her thoughts on something other than her loss.  What was it?  A boyfriend, her father, maybe even a baby she lost?  Lincoln sees him leave the Colonel’s house and in the next to last scene it is revealed that Lincoln was the “troubled boy” accused of having an affair with Mrs. Stansberry.


  • The scene in the bathroom where Linden tells Holder that she sent the text saying Skinner was in Wyoming.

  • Seeing the snitch at the back of the rehab meeting.  Next up, he will tell Reddick about what Holder was confessing.

  • Mrs. Skinner looking out the window as Linden throws a phone into the lake.  Why was she there?

  • My latest  working theory on the case:  Lincoln may have set up Kyle to take the fall and shot Mrs. Stansberry and then the rest of the family.  Or is it possible Kyle and Lincoln planned the whole thing?

Big question:  Will Reddick confront Linden and Holder and will this lead them to take drastic action?

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