The Killing – Last Season Episode 4.4

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These recaps will SPOIL everything from the Killing up to the latest episode reviewed.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 4 – Dream Baby Dream

Recap: In this fourth episode of the last season, we learn about Lincoln’s relationship with the Stansberry’s and the Col. Raynes and Kyle learn to dance.

This episode opens with a dream sequence as Kyle’s sister shows up in his room.  She wants to know if the monster’s are gone (it’s something Kyle would tell her to help her calm down).  But then blood drips from her head as a reminder to him that his sister is dead.  Kyle goes to talk to the Colonel but finds her practicing her dancing (it’s something she does to help her cope with something she lost).  Kyle confesses his fears to her and they end up dancing.

Linden and Holder talk to the manager at the tennis club where Mrs. Stansberry was an instructor.  There was an incident with her and a young student which turns out to be none other than Lincoln.  During his dismissal they found a gun in his locker, the same gun associated with the Stansberry murder’s.  When questioned, Lincoln says he has lots of guns at his mom’s house and they should go see for themselves.  But it was all just a trick to get them to see how messed up his home life was.  The detectives think he tossed the gun in Puget Sound, but it turns out the gun does exist (or something that looks like it).  The next night the gun shows up in Tyler’s room along with a map of his house, with a note that says finish the job.  The Colonel doesn’t believe him and locks him in his room.  Somebody moved the gun (maybe Lincoln, but it could be AJ Fielding – he is the Colonel’s right hand man).

Holder won’t tell Linden that he is back using again, but he insists she let him out the car.  He goes into a church that he used to visit when he came clean.  He liked listening to the nuns there as it would keep him calm.  He said a quick prayer also, but he didn’t mention it to Linden.  When he asks her about her faith she says she doesn’t believe in Heaven or Angels, but she does believe in Hell and they are living in it.  Linden’s guilt is making her crazy things.  The people who really care about her including her son are trying to figure out what’s wrong with her, but she just pushes them away.  In desperation, Jack her son, finds Linden’s birth mom’s phone number and calls her so they can all meet together.  Linden is caught by surprise when she sees her mom there.  But Linden hasn’t forgotten about her.  She saw her mom once in a market with her kids.  Her mom says she didn’t want to give Linden up for foster care, instead she couldn’t keep her (meaning that circumstances would have been worse if she did).  Linden hears about how she was a happy girl when she was young (at 4 years old she loved parades).

The last two big reveals are first that they found a tooth at the bathroom between the academy and the Stansberry house.  They need to do a DNA check on that.  But they also see a burgundy Corolla on the surveillance tapes.  After doing a check they discover it belongs to the Col. Raynes.  And the second reveal is that Reddick has traced Holder at the Lake House (by cell phone records) the night of Skinner’s disappearance.  The police dredge the lake and find the victim’s bodies and Skinner’s car with his dead body inside.


  • Holder apologizing to Linden in her car (in the Seattle rain, of course).  And her calling him a 1-900 rock star.

  • Jack’s sad admission that his dad (and step mother) no longer want him around, and his confession that Sarah Linden is his only family.  That is why he called his grandmother for the meeting.

  • Who is trying to blame Kyle for the murders?  Now that Col. Raynes is implicated what does she have to do with all this?

  • My latest  working theory on the case:  Col Raynes knew Mr. Stansberry.  Perhaps when Kyle said that Mrs Stansberry treated him as outside the family, she was being serious.  Is Kyle not an offspring of both Stansberry’s?  Could Col Raynes’ interest in Kyle be because she had an affair with Mr. Stansberry which produced baby Kyle?  Did she try to wipe out the family out of hatred for what they had (a perfect famly life) while she was single and alone?  And what about AJ her assistant?  Is it possible he somehow helped her with the crime?  This show loves to hide suspects in plain sight and not reveal their back story until the end.

Big question:  I asked this after the first episode.  Where is the gun that shot the family?  I could see Linden and Holder searching for it (probably without a warrant) at the academy… The gun did show up at the academy, but who put it in Kyle’s room?

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