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These recaps will SPOIL everything from the Killing up to the latest episode reviewed.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 5 – Truth Asunder

Recap: In this fifth episode of the last season, we learn a little about Sarah Linden’s relationship with her birth mother and  Reddick shows that he has pieced together what happened to Skinner.  He gives Holder one last chance to save himself by making a statement about what happened that night.

This episode opens with the dredging of the lake.  Sarah sees Skinner’s body pulled up on shore.  Reddick dredged the lake because Sarah was seen throwing something (Skinner’s phone) in the lake.  It was the last bit of evidence she still had from the crime, but she felt compelled to return it to Skinner’s last resting place because of her relationship with him.

Linden and Holder close in on Col Raynes.  She was seen at the Stansberry’s house (from photos taken by a neighbor) on numerous occasions.  And now they have traced her credit card records to match those of Mr. Stansberry’s since they were meeting at hotels outside of town.  There was an affair going on after all.  We also learn that Col. Raynes made a big mistake in Iraq.  She ordered her unit to kill some hostiles, but when the unit refused, she followed her own orders.  Being a woman soldier, she may have thought the unit disobeyed her because of her gender, but maybe they knew there was a chance the hostiles were civilians.  Well it turns out that they were.  Somehow Col Raynes was given an honorable discharge, so I guess the authorities didn’t want this mistake publicized.

Back at the academy, Kyle goes into AJ’s room and finds the map of his house hidden in a drawer.  AJ was the one who pulled it from Kyle’s room before he was able to show it the Raynes.  On the way to Raynes’ house he sees AJ and runs back to the barracks.  But AJ knows that Kyle is getting suspicious.  Later that night AJ and Lincoln talk to Raynes about Kyle’s memory coming back.  She tells them to stick to the plan.  And reveals that they did it (kill the Stansberry’s probably) to save the academy.  Lincoln says he want back to the murder weapon which was left at the scene and feels all would have been better (for them) if Kyle had actually taken a bullet to the brain that night.  But Raynes says she doesn’t want Kyle harmed in any way.

Jack tells his girlfriend by phone that he lied about not being wanted back home.  He does it because he hates to think of his mom being so alone in the world.  Linden overhears this and decides to make a visit to her mom’s house.  Linden tells her mom that if anything happens to her, she wants her to take care of Jack.  When her mom asks if Sarah is okay she instead asks her about the day her mom left her to fend for herself when she lost her at the parade.  Her mom was young and afraid and she had trouble staying in one place (just like Linden).  Linden leaves without giving her mom another glance.

Side note:  One of the big themes of this season and in understanding Linden is that she so desperately doesn’t want to mess up her son’s life as she felt her life young life was messed up.  Linden leaves family situations (using anger as an excuse if she has to) to get away because she doesn’t want to be a bad influence.  Holder feels the same way about his son to be.  Since Holder was an addict he doesn’t want to be a bad example either.  Linden and Holder understand this about each other even when they are putting down this fault in the other person.

Sarah says goodbye to Jack at the airport in a nice scene where she tells him that he was the best part of her life.  Linden confronts Holder about his confession at the drug rehab meeting.  She no longer trusts Holder to keep their secret.  Finally Kyle gets tortured again by the cadets and heads off to tell Raynes.  But while there he finds the murder weapon hidden in her trophy case.  He points it at her (I was thinking it’s probably not loaded), and she tries to explain that she did what she did to protect him.  But he runs out and into the woods.

In a scene that is reminiscent from Season 1,  Kyle is running through the woods while being chased with someone with a flashlight.  It is the cadets Lincoln and AJ, they want to kill him (despite Raynes orders not to).  They discover his location behind and tree.  The screen goes dark and a gun shot is heard.



  • The entire episode was a highlight.

  • If there was one thing I wanted more from, it was the scene revealing Callie (from last season) was one of the victims found in the lake.  Holder was pretty tough on Callie’s mom for wanting to see her one last time and to ask her daughter (posthumously) for her forgiveness for being a bad mother.  You would think of all people he would have some sympathy for her.  But I guess he feels parents shouldn’t make serious mistakes like she did.

  • What is Linden going to do now?  She has resigned herself to the fact she won’t see Jack again.  Her own emotions have led her to this dilemma, since she couldn’t let go of the Skinner’s phone when she had the chance early on.

  • My last working theory on the case:  Col Raynes knew Mr. Stansberry.  Perhaps when Kyle said that Mrs Stansberry treated him as outside the family, she was being serious.  Kyle is not an offspring of both Stansberry’s.  Col Raynes’ is likely interested in Kyle be because she had an affair with Mr. Stansberry which produced baby Kyle.  I am thinking she didn’t kill the Stansberry’s for just personal reasons.  She was likely worried that the Stansberry’s would revoke their support of the academy because of the way the cadets abused Kyle.  And of course Raynes would take the blame for not being able to control the cadets.

Big question:  Okay, we found the gun in Raynes possession.  So in the next and final episode I really want to know how Linden and Holder will end up after the case.  Will Linden just disappear?   I think she wants to solve the case first.  Will Holder rat on Linden to save his own family?  One more episode to go.

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