A.D.: The Bible Continues 2.02-The Body is Gone

You can free stream the entire first episode here: NBC’s free showing of The Tomb is Open.

The second episode is here: NBC’s free showing of The Body is Gone.

My Recap:

Last weeks story “The Tomb is Empty” ended with Caiaphas getting the news that the tomb Jesus was buried in was empty.  This week’s episode recounts the aftermath of that event.  To the Romans it’s a big inconvenience, and the Jewish leaders think Jesus’ followers (aka disciples) are trying to fake the Resurrection, and the people of Jerusalem are mostly oblivious to it all.  So this is a week in history where only the principle players know the stakes and potential risks of what has just happened.

The Jewish leaders led by Caiaphas want to find the disciples and quick.  If they can find them they can find the body of Jesus (so they think) and parade it through the town to prove that promises of the Resurrection were false.  But the temple guards can’t locate them.  So they try to get another body that looks like Jesus (with nail marks and bloody scars).  But Caiaphas does not think the people will be easily fooled by this (they saw his face and spent time with him).  Caiaphas does not want to invent a hoax (after all that is what he is trying to prove the disciples have done).  So Caiaphas lies about Jesus to the Roman general Pontius Pilate to stall for time, but Pilate finds out the body is missing from his own guards who were placed at the tomb at Caiaphas’ request.

Now Pilate sends out his own team of soldiers to find the disciples.  They try to block the gates of the city to disallow any escape, but the Zealots start a riot against the Romans and the apostles then escape back to their home town of Galilee.  Pilate then murders any of his soldiers who knew about the disappearance of Jesus’ body because he wants to leave this cruddy town and its strange beliefs.

Backing up just a bit.  Jesus had returned to the disciples in the upper room where they had been hiding.  As per Jesus’ prophecy he would come back to life three days after his crucifixion.  Of course they are shocked and also elated.  Their sacrifice to follow Jesus was not a waste.  In fact his death was not the end but just the beginning of a new life for them all.  But one disciple was not there in the upper room to see Jesus.  He does not believe the others.  That is until Jesus returns again to show him his hands, feet and side, all of the wounds still there from what had happened three days before.

Jesus meets them again in Galilee to tell them to return to Jerusalem to wait for a sign that it’s time to preach the message of hope (the Gospel) to all in Jerusalem and throughout the land.  Jesus then leaves them to return again some day “on the clouds”.

Thoughts:  I enjoyed this episode.  The Jewish and Roman leaders were both shrewd in predicting the Jesus “cult” could be halted by stopping any stories of his resurrection, but they could not find the body!  Mary Magdalene (who wanted to prepare the body for burial) was the first to notice his body missing from the tomb, but found the linens he was wrapped in neatly folded.  No single person could have moved the giant stone blocking the entrance.  And the disciples could not have gone unnoticed by the guards if they were to try to take it.  No one wanted that body to disappear.  But it did.

Next week we can expect to see the sign that its time for the disciples to become the apostles (those that preach the Good news).

Galleries:  Check out the galleries page to see the characters in action.  There are a lot of characters to track of so its worth it to take a look at their faces, names and category groups (Followers of Christ, Temple Authorities, The Romans, Zealots).

Next week:  April 19th – The Spirit Arrives.


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