Maybe the best of LOST – The Constant

Hey LOST fans.  It’s the five year anniversary of one of the best episodes of LOST.  I always loved Des and Penny.

All About LOST 7.6

In this the final All About Lost podcast, I cover all the bases. The last season, the last episode, and I finally watch The New Man in Charge about 8 months after it was released. Please check out the cool things I learned about a world between this life and the next. LOST tought me so much, it will be greatly missed. And thank you listeners for all your love and support. You can still find me at twitter:@allaboutlost or "".
Finale music: Intro: Keep me from Blowing Away; Farewell: You Can Close Your Eyes – Linda Ronstadt.

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All About LOST 7.5 Podcast

In the fifth episode of the LOST themes and mysteries series, I discuss Season 5. The big themes of season 5 were time travel, the return of the Oceanic 6, the Dharma Initiative and Sawyer and Juliet make a home. Some beautiful music from Giacchino included along with my thoughts and analysis. TLEpodcastATgmailDOTcom.

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All About Lost 7.4

In the fourth episode of the LOST themes and mysteries series, I discuss Season 4. How Jack and Kate were saved and what happened to those that left the island and those that were left behind. Some beautiful music from Giacchino included along with my thoughts and analysis. TLEpodcastATgmailDOTcom.

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All About Lost 7.3

I hope you enjoy this third podcast of Lost Themes and Mysteries. This week it's Season 3. I discuss both the low's (i.e. the first six episodes) and the high's of the season. Covering the first hints at time travel to the amazing finale, "Through the Looking Glass". Also I am giving away my "Finding Lost" books. So listen in to see how you can win. Contact info: ''

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All About LOST 7.2

Another new All About Lost episode about themes and mysteries. This week I tackle season 2. I discuss my early obsession with LOST, my initial feelings on seeing what was in the hatch. I cover the motivations of Locke, Desmond and Jack. And finally I examine the Dharma Initiative and their quest to keep the world from its own destruction. Credits: Youtube, Lostpedia, Spike and Beerman (
Contact: '' Warning: SPOILERS if you have never seen LOST.

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TLE (The Lost Experience)

During the second season episode, “Two for the Road” we were treated to something extremely cool.  Take a listen to this.

Play the clip

From Lostpedia here is purpose of the TLE.

The narrative for the The Lost Experience was designed to be a parallel story line not part of the TV show. Considering the deep mythology to LOST, the Experience acted as a way to cover some background that could not be feasibly addressed in such depth on the main show. In particular, TLE developed the backstory to the DHARMA Initiative and its parent company, the Hanso Foundation. It also established some clues about the Island and the true meaning of the numbers. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse first mentioned the ARG in the official podcast, concerning the Hanso Foundation website, which was offline for several months (or in their words, “down for remodeling”). (Official Lost Podcast transcript/March 28, 2006)

I had a very slow internet connection (I think I still had dial up AOL at the time) so I couldn’t really do the internet research required to deeply immerse myself in the experience, but I made up for that by listening to podcasts and reviewing websites like

Here is a quick summary of the game (from Lostpedia):

Stage 1

The first stage of the game centered around the “official” Hanso Foundation website and involved players in discovering clues hidden within the site left by a hacker known only at the time as Persephone. These clues cast doubt on the Foundation’s claims of benevolence towards the human race, and introduced other characters in the game. This stage of the game was promoted by Hanso Foundation Commercials airing on ABC, Channel 7, and Channel 4, as well as co-sponsorship deals with Sprite, Jeep, Verizon and Additionally, a conspiracy-minded radio host DJ Dan joined Persephone’s fight against Hanso.

Stage 2

Darla Taft with Hugh McIntyre

The second stage of the game began with the shutdown of in response to Persephone’s hacking. A URL hidden in the sourcecode of the site forwarded players to the blog of Rachel Blake, a seemingly innocuous journal concerning her travels around Europe. However, when entering a secret code into the blog, another site was revealed: Rachel’s real site, This site featured a video blog of her attempts to discover the truth about the Hanso Foundation’s operations, and expose their sinister deeds by tracking down the executives in Europe, especially mastermind Thomas Werner Mittelwerk.

Through the course of the stage, players learned that Rachel Blake and Persephone were one and the same. Players also found that the Foundation, now under the sole management of “Dr.” Mittelwerk, was involved in suspicious activities in Iceland, using their Vik Institute to secretly run the Valenzetti Equation using a group of autistic savants.

Blake followed Mittelwerk to Italy, where he boarded the container transport Helgus Antonius, bound for Sri Lanka. Blake was assisted by Darla Taft, a Hanso associate who discovered some of their questionable dealings. She and her lover Hugh McIntyre were killed, presumably on Mittelwerk’s orders, but left Rachel instructions on how to follow Mittelwerk to Sri Lanka with the assistance of the mysterious Malik.

Stage 3

The Sri Lanka Video was seen in Stage 3

The third stage of the game was announced at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con during the Lost Q&A panel where Rachel Blake stood up and accused the show’s creators of conspiring with the Hanso Foundation. Near the end of her irate speech she intstructed for all who “want the truth” to go to

Stage 3 was based around piecing together of the video Blake filmed while in Sri Lanka that was to “tear the Hanso Foundation apart.” The video showed Mittelwerk talking to a small group of people, announcing his and the Foundation’s plans, presumably for the Spider Protocol. In the course of his speech, Mittelwerk showed an orientation video from 1975 narrated by Alvar Hanso, explaining the origins and purpose of the DHARMA Initiative, the Valenzetti Equation, the numbers and the island. Blake had gone into temporary hiding, placing glyphs online, in advertisements, and via podcasts to find each of the 70 parts of the video that, when arranged in the right order, showed the video in its entirety.

Stage 4

Stage 4 was the Apollo Bar hunt. This stage overlapped with Stage 3. The stage began roughly on August 23, 2006 and ended on September 18.

Stage 5

Stage 5 was the finale of The Lost Experience. It came in the form of a DJ Dan podcast and a final video from Rachel Blake on September 24, 2006. The video showed Alvar Hanso talking to Rachel. He revealed that he was her father, that Mittelwerk was keeping him prisoner and was behind all the atrocities. This press release confirms this. On the September 25th, was updated with final messages from both Alvar Hanso and Thomas Mittelwerk.

What was great was that the writers of Lost were given us another reason to come together as fans and to explore the deeper mysteries of the Lost universe.