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4 Responses

  1. hi! i am a recent listener to both your shows- lost and prison break… i love them and they keep me busy!
    keep up the great work đŸ™‚
    looking forward to season 4 of lost!

  2. From your recent podcast, it sounds like you may be getting discouraged. I subscribe to this podcast because I listen to your Prisonbreak podcast. I enjoy your podcasts! I have the following input; 1) I like the podcasts best when you stick to the TV show subject, that said I am a tennis player and fan, 2) Jeremy is improving and being more positive, it is fine for you guys to disagree, it doesn’t have to be personal towards the other person and the opinion differences add to the show, 3) I listen to your show because it is different and I really appreciate all the hard work you two put into your show, Thanks from a fellow Canadian living south of the border.

  3. Hey Jeremy and TLE,

    I love the Lost podcast you guys do and enjoy listening to it as I walk to work. Keep up the good work.

    Just wondering, Jeremy, where you got the music that you sometimes play during the podcast that is kinda haunting and has a weird child-like “oh-oh”. I think it’s cool and want to try and find the music myself.


  4. What do you think is the significance of the Lost supper photos (other than great marketing tool)? Do you think there is a tie in between the Grail Quest (Jesus’ cup at last supper & later used to collect his blood from cross) & Fisher King myths.

    I think themes of the Fisher King (grace, forgiveness, atonement, breaking away from life ruled by fear, desire, obligations) are very evident in Lost and who did we see fishing in The Incident, but Jacob perhaps a wounded leader of a wounded land (fertility thing).

    But more importantly there are lots of ‘wounded’ characters who have been acting from fear (ach Others!), desire (woo shiny hatch!) and obligations (by your command Jacob) who need to help each other heal and live more authentic/actualized lives (see Hugo some like it Hoth-little direct communication could have averted lots of heart ache).

    Best reference of modern fisher king adaption is Terry Gilliam “Fisher King” with robin williams and jeff bridges.

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