TLE’s LOST Survival Guide – Updated

How you can endure the agony while waiting for the mysteries of Lost to unfold. Here are some suggestions on what to do during the long breaks between Lost episodes.

1. Rent the Lost Season 1 through 4 DVD’s:

Here are some essential episodes that I have grouped by characters. If you like a particular character you may want to watch those episodes first.

Tip: For all the characters’ initial story of the plane crash, watch the first two episodes of lost season 1. They are titled Pilot 1 and Pilot 2.

Now here are a list of the Main Lost characters and their backstory episodes:

  • Jack: White Rabbit (1.5), All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues (1.11), Do No Harm (1.20), Man of Science, Man of Faith (2.1), The Hunting Party (2.11)
  • Kate: Whatever the Case May Be (1.12), Born to Run (1.22), What Kate Did (2.9)
  • Locke: Walkabout (1.4), Deus Ex Machina (1.19), Orientation (2.3), Lockdown (2.17)
  • Sawyer (James Ford): Confidence Man (1.8), Outlaws (1.16), The Long Con (2.13)
  • Hurley (Hugo): Numbers(1.18), Everybody Hates Hugo (2.4), Dave (2.18)
  • Claire: Raised by Another (1.10), Maternity Leave (2.15)
  • Charlie: The Moth (1.7), Homecoming (1.15), Fire + Water (2.12)
  • Sun and Jin: House of the Rising Sun (1.6), … In Translation (1.17), … And Found (2.5), The Whole Truth (2.16)
  • Sayid: Solitary (1.9), The Greater Good (1.21), One of Them (2.14)
  • Rousseau: Exodus 1 and 2 (Season 1 Finale, 1.23, 1.24)
  • Desmond (2.1, 2.2, 2.3), Live Together, Die Alone (Season 2 Finale, 2.23, 2.24).
  • Ben: The Man Behind the Curtain, The Shape of Things to Come, Dead is Dead
  • Juliet: The Tale of Two Cities, Not In Portland, One of Us, The Other Woman
  • Miles: Confirmed Dead, Some Like it Hoth
  • Faraday: Confirmed Dead, Because You Left, The Variable
  • Jacob: The Incident

Less prominent characters (missing, dead, or waiting for some character flashbacks)

  • Nikki and Paulo (3.14)
  • Rose and Bernard: (2.19)
  • Michael and Walt: (1.14, 2.2, 2.22)
  • Shannon and Boone: (1.13, 2.6)
  • The Tail Section Survivors: Eko (2.10, 2.21), Ana Lucia (2.7, 2.20), Libby (2.18, 2.20)
  • The Others: Ethan, Goodwin, Nathan, Colleen, Pickett, Tom “Mr. Friendly”, Horace, Radzinsky
  • The Freighties: Charlotte, Lapidus, Capt Gault, Keamy
  • The Hostiles: Richard, Widmore, Ellie/Eloise
  • Jacob followers: Illana, Bram

2. Recommended Books about Lost:

  • Finding Lost by Nikki Stafford (2006,7,8,9), reviewed at
  • Unlocking the Meaning of Lost by Porter and Lavery (2006), reviewed at
  • Living Lost: Why We Are All Stuck on an Island by J. Wood
  • Lost and Philosophy: The Island Has its Reasons edited by Sharon M. Kaye

3. Lost Soundtracks for Seasons 1 through 4 (2005-2009) by Michael Giacchino , reviewed at

4. Recommended Podcasts about Lost:

  • The original and still one of the best is The Transmission at Ryan and Jen did about 15 podcasts for Season 2 and they still have a very excellent blog after each new episode. Their podcasts and blogs contain excellent summaries and analysis. Great for catching things you might miss the first time you watch the show.  Update – They are back and better than ever.
  • Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast: The most profilic (two podcasts per week). They take you into the Lost convention with video podcasts and other special features and much listener feedback. Their Lost song tributes are very funny.
  • Delta Park: Great analysis with Ana and Jason, they also playback the best audio clips from each Lost episode.
  • LostCasts: This is like listening to a college level course on Lost. In depth analysis of Lost theories and literature references mentioned during the episodes.
  • The UK Lost Initiative at Sky One and the new Lost Community Podcast are highly produced “radio quality” type shows offering cool music, audio montages, and theories analysis.  The Lost Initiative is now in video form.
  • Al Trautwig’s Lost Thoughts at  The guy is amazing.  He can wrap up an entire episode in under 10 minutes.  Great theories.  Of course he is a professional journalist, but we won’t hold it against him 🙂

5.  Lost ReWatch blogs/podcasts: Join Us for the Lost ReWatch (Seasons 1 through 5) Starting June 1, 2009

3 Responses

  1. Added Nikki and Paulo on 3/30/07.

  2. and if you ever need to break out of prison, it is essential to watch season 1. just kidding 🙂

    love the show (:
    thanks always


  3. Just an additional book recommendation for when you’ve watched seasons 1-5, VOZZEK’s “Things You Never Noticed About LOST” really has some nice insights to prepare you for season 6

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