10 Years of Lost (42)

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‘Lost’ Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions


The Killing – The Final Word from the Producer

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The Killing Post Mortem: EP Veena Sud Talks That Last Scene, the

Lost Kiss, an Offscreen Wedding and… a Season 5?

The Killing – Last Season Episode 4.6

The Killing – NetFlix

This recap will SPOIL the series finale of the Killing.  Well guys and gals it’s been an up and down journey but here we are at the last episode.

The Killing Season 4 Episode 6 – Eden

Recap: In this final episode of the last season, Linden and Holder’s relationship is tested to a degree it has never been before and the homicide case is solved.

It opens with Linden jogging through the woods as did she did in the premiere episode.  She sees a kid’s pinwheel lying next to something on the beach.  (Linden as a girl loved parades and pinwheels.)  She takes a closer look and finds the object is a dead girl, rotting away alone.  She hears someone behind her.  It is a man with a gun to her head and he is ready to pull the trigger.  She wakes up.  It was a horrible dream.  Was Linden seeing herself as the dead girl?  Was it Holder who was ready to pull the trigger?

The cadets are looking for Kyle outside the academy.  They find a rifle shell and they see blood on a tree.  But Kyle is not to be found.  Linden is turning the house upside down to find the missing bullet casing.  She gets a call and rushes to get to her car.  She stops the car and Kyle rushes inside.  He says they are trying to kill him and he doesn’t want to remember what happened to his family.  Linden takes him to her house where he should be safe.  She needs to go out.  But while he is there, Kyle remembers what happened that night to his family.  The family that despised him (except for his sister, who knew there was a monster in the house, but believed that Kyle was her protector).

Lincoln and AJ somehow let Kyle escape their attempt to kill him.  Maybe they were worried what Col Rayne would think if they did.  So they go back to her office to talk to her.  She wants them to stick with the plan.  Their hope was that Kyle wouldn’t remember what happened.  But now he is remembering.  The cadets want to get rid of him before he talks.  Rayne won’t let them, but they leave to do it anyway.  Just then the police arrive with a warrant to arrest the boys.  They hear gun shots.  When they get to Raynes’ office both boys are dead, shot by Rayne.  Linden wants her to drop the gun.  Rayne says she killed the Stansberry’s.  But everyone knows she is lying.  She finally gives her story.  She thought her child had died (in childbirth) but he didn’t.  Her child was Kyle and she had been visiting him for years, but was too afraid to tell him the truth that she left him.  The Stansberry’s hated Kyle because he was not truly their son.  Kyle couldn’t find love at home or at school.  His rage had built up until one night he was goaded by the cadets to kill Kyle’s mom.  Probably because she had spurned Lincoln I guess.  So the three cadets go to Kyle’s house.  The two can’t believe it when Kyle actually goes through with it.  In the saddest part of the crime, Kyle kills his sister because she realizes that it’s Kyle who is the monster and he can’t stand to see it in her eyes.

Outside of the academy building Linden tells Holder she wants to pin the murders on Rayne in order to protect Kyle.  But Holder won’t let her do that.  Linden then has a melt down and accuses Holder of colluding with Reddick to bring her down for killing Skinner.  She even thinks Holder has stolen the bullet casing from her house to use as evidence against her.  Holder, in complete disbelief, knows that Linden no longer trusts him.  His only response is to silently walk away.

Back at his family’s house, Kyle admits all that he did to Linden when she promises him she will end his suffering.  I had no idea what she was going to do next (kill Kyle maybe?, let him escape?).  But she just quietly waits for the police to come and take him away.  The case is solved.  Linden seems to have a blind spot when it comes to murderers, but this time she lets justice take its course.

She then goes into police headquarters to admit to her murdering Skinner, but also to say that Holder had nothing to do with it.  She is willing to face her punishment without a lawyer.  But something surprising happens.  Congressman Richmond comes to tell her the ballistic report shows that Skinner shot himself in his car.  The authorities want to cover up the crime because having a high-ranking police office guilty of these heinous acts is very bad for public relations in the city.  Linden objects and threatens to go to the newspapers.  Richmond would love to throw her away into prison as she is responsible for him being in a wheelchair, but he says they will just tell the press that Linden is known to have mental issues, so they won’t believe her.  Linden relents, but leaves her badge behind.  She quits the police force.

Holder waits for Callie’s mom to show up at the cemetery to pay her respects to her dead daughter.  He apologizes to her for what he said about her wanting to see her girl after how the lake and time had disfigured her.  He says that he is going to be a dad of a little girl.  He then walks down and finds Bullets’ grave.  He had promised Bullet that he would keep her safe, but Skinner got to her.  He leaves behind a “bullet” bracelet (I think) as a remembrance.

As Linden is packing her car with the last items from her house, she notices in the air vent the bullet case that was missing.  Holder did not take it.  He was faithful to her.  He was faithful even when Reddick had threatened him to expose Sarah in return for leniency.  In what could have been the last scene of the show, Linden drives away from Seattle.  She could have just left town knowing her and Holder would never be friends again.  But there is still a little more story left.

It is a few years later.  Holder is walking his little girl Calia to the school bus as they talk and joke about her upcoming birthday party and you can see some of Holder’s traits in her.  He says he will pick her up from her mom’s house on the weekend.  I guess Holder never married or separated somehow from Caroline.  We then see him working at a rehab facility like Alcoholics Anonymous.  When he goes outside Linden is there waiting for him.  He is surprised to see her after so long.  They talk about their lives.  Jack is grown tall and is in college.  But Linden has just been driving around searching for something real to hold on to.  She tells him that their friendship was real.  “Just them sitting in the car and talking”.  Holder asks her to stay but she can’t.  He wants to kiss her but she thinks it’s weird.  She never had a place to call home.  They say goodbye.  She tries to leave the “place of death” but returns to the lake and thinks a minute.  Holder is locking up his workplace for the night, but at the bottom of the steps he sees Linden and she is smiling.  She has finally found her home.  THE END.


Highlights of the Finale:

  • This was my favorite finale because we finally got some resolution and happiness for our characters.  I know I am a sucker for happy endings, but given the grimness and descent into hell they went through this story needed this kind of ending.

  • I really got choked up at the scene with Holder and Callie’s mom.  As that scene closed, I thought ‘wow’ he could name his kid after Callie… and I got what I wanted!

  • If Linden had just driven off without saying goodbye to Holder I would have been severely disappointed.  Or if they would have ended up happy right after all the terrible things had just happened, I would have been disappointed.  So doing the epilogue was perfect.

  • The case resolved in a logical way.  Yes the police don’t want bad publicity and yes they knew that Linden was in a relationship with Skinner, so what she did was understandable (but not justified).  But she had served the police force well solving two murder mysteries.  Letting her go made sense.

  • It was great how they kept folding the stories in on each other.  Rayne lost her son and was afraid to let him know she was a mom who could not provide a home for him.  Linden’s son knew his mom but had a lot of trouble relating to her desire to find a home.  Holder was an addict who hated himself and other addicts, but when he met Callie’s mom he could finally forgive her and himself.  Holder grew to want to help the addicts.  And Linden finally found her home with her good friend (who never left her), Holder.

Big question:  Will there be any more episodes of the Killing?  It’s doubtful, but I am going to miss Linden and Holder.  They started out as two very damaged cops trying to fix the problems of the world while finding out that they really couldn’t.  The best they could do was try.  And they did that together and found a true friendship in each other.

Penny Dreadful – Season 1 Finale

Vanessa Ives – Showtime

The new summer TV shows have started so I thought I would begin writing some short reviews.  Here is a recap of the themes and reveals (SPOILERS) from Season 1 of Penny Dreadful.

Penny Dreadful S1:


  • As Vanessa says “She is afraid of the things she is capable of doing (evil)”, and as the priest says “Are you sure you want to be normal (without the special characteristics that make you unique)”.  This dichotomy of this theme seems to apply to all the characters.  Frankenstein’s monster wants to be normal in appearance so he can be loved, but realizes it’s his depraved heart that actually scared away his theater girlfriend.  Malcolm loves going on adventures but has “lost” his kids due to his absences.  Ethan wants people to see his gentle side and not leave him,  but uses his dark side to keep from being caged.

  • The Victorian oppression of letting your true feelings and true self from showing was a big theme for the characters and was best exemplified by Vanessa’s fear of physical intimacy with Dorian Grey.  She abandons him to save him and herself from revealing her more baser instincts.

  • The spiritual world is both intriguing and dangerous in Penny Dreadful.  While exploring the darkness of the Grand Guignol theater they find evil creatures, and Mina warns them that the Master is close to controlling them all for eternity.

Vanessa and Mina - Showtime

Vanessa and Mina – Showtime

Big Surprises:

  • Now we know why Ethan is on the run and accused of killing so many people in America.  He “changes” during the full moon.  But what was he like before that happened to him?

  • This one caught me totally by surprise… is Vanessa actually Malcolm’s illegitimate daughter?  At least that’s the way I read his retort to the “dead” Mina (I have a daughter).  If Malcolm was having an affair with Vanessa’s mom this is actually very possible and explains the closeness between V. and Mina.  They were as close as sister’s (as the episode 4 title hinted).  It also explains why Peter recoiled from V’s touch as that would make him her half-brother.  Creepy yes.

  • Poor Brona Croft.  Now she will wake up and find herself not only re-alive but also engaged to Caliban.  Just wait until Ethan figures this out!

  • There are 10 more episodes planned for season 2 to air next year.



LOST 2.23, 2.24 Live Together, Die Alone (S2 Finale)

This is my second most favorite Lost finale in the five seasons of the show.  It’s Penny’s words to Desmond that always get to me.


Flashback part:

Des is released from jail with his watch, some keys, his picture with Penny, and a book of Dicken’s which he has decided will be the last book he reads before he dies.  He has been dishonorably discharged for not following orders in the Royal Scottish Regimen.  Outside Widmore is there with a all of Des’ letters to Penny.  He tries to bribe him not to see her again.  He also tells him Penny is going to marry someone very soon.  Des flies to Los Angeles to begin training for a boat race around the world.  We see him preparing to run up the stadium steps (Jack is seen in the background) when Penny appears.  She said you can find anyone with enough money and time (foreshadowing her search for Desmond after his boat is lost).  Desmond needs to get his honor back and show Widmore he is not a coward.

Unfortunately Des’ boat is capsized in a storm and Des ends up on Lost island.  He is dragged from the shore to the hatch by Kelvin Inman a CIA spook, who was also kicked out of the service when his men followed his orders.  Last we saw he was speaking Korean to Sayid in Iraq.  He joins the DI and Radzinsky teaches him the secrets of the island.  You must be injected or you will be sick, the Lockdown can be triggered manually, the button must be pushed every 108 minutes or else use the failsafe, and there is a hidden map on the blast door.  Kelvin is training Des to be his replacement but Des does not know this.  Kelvin tells him that Radzinsky shot himself after going crazy.

Until one day Des follows him outside the quarantined hatch where Kelvin takes off his mask and heads for the cove where he has hidden Desmond’s boat.  Des is furious that he has kept him there for 3 years without telling him the truth.  Desmond knocks Kelvin against a rock and leaves him for dead to go back and push the button.  But he is too late and the EM begins to leak causing the hieroglyphs to show and strange sounds to be heard.

Des reaches the breaking point when he realizes all his Lost.  He has wasted his time on this island trying to win Penny back and now he is stuck in a hatch with no one to talk to and little hope for the future, trapped pushing a button in futility.  He is about to kill himself when he picks up the Dickens book to begin reading it, when all of a sudden a letter from Penny drops out.  She knew about the book and wrote a letter to remind Desmond of something very important.

Please don’t give up, Des. Because

all we really need to survive is one

person who truly loves us.

And you have her. I will wait for

you. Always.

Desmond freaks out and tries to destroy the hatch, when he hears a noise.  It is Locke pounding on the hatch the day he lost his faith in the island, the day Boone dies because of Locke’s actions.  Des is not alone anymore.  Three days later he gets a visit from Locke and repeats what Kelvin asked him when he showed up in the hatch, What does one snowman say to the other?

Current time:

Des left the island a few weeks back when the computer was destroyed.  He tried to go to Fiji but he believes he is stuck in a “bloody snowglobe” and can’t escape.  Charlie (sarcastically) tells Locke that Des has returned.  Locke finds him drinking heavily at the beach and asks him, so what does one snowman say to another?  Smells like carrots, he replies.  Locke tells him about the Pearl station psychological experiments.  He believes the button is just a mind game.  So Des wonders why he still pushes it.  John has stopped but Eko has taken up the cause.  They decide to get Eko to stop.  They trick him by using the lockdown procedure.  Eko will not give up and tries to convince them to push the button.  Locke will not but Desmond is not so sure.  Locke gives him the log from the Pearl and Des realizes the day he stopped pushing the button Oceanic 815 crashed.  Eko uses dynamite to try to open the door.  Des opens it to get the Dickens book where the fail safe key is.  He must get to the fail-safe or they will all die.  Des realizes that Locke saved his life so Des could save them all.  The hatch begins to implode, with magnetic objects flying all over the place.  Des goes to turn the key telling Locke he is sorry he lost his faith, but it is all real.  He turns the key and…..

On the other side of the island, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley figure out that Michael betrayed them when they notice that an Other is already following them.  Sayid figured this out already and his plan is to stake out the Others at their ramshackle camp.  When he gets their he sees it was all a fake, the door leads into a rock, the Others are not there.  He tries to warn Jack by setting off the signal fire, but too late.  Jack and the group are captured.  Michael trades them for Walt and goes sailing off on a bearing of 325 as Ben has told them that is the way to rescue.  It’s then that the key was turned and a violet haze is seen in the sky and loud noise and then nothing.  Did time itself change?  Jack’s group will be going with Ben to a new location (home Ben calls it).

Back on the Losties side the huge hatch door comes crashing down nearly hitting Claire and Bernard.  Charlie appears from the jungle.  He survived but where is Locke, Eko and Desmond?  He and Claire share a moment when night falls.  And then we are watching a scene somewhere in the South Arctic.  A Portuguese team of scientist realize their equipment is telling them they have spotted the EM anomaly there were looking for.  They call Penny to tell her, “We think we have found it!”.  LOST


  • By Penny’s bedside is the picture they took together in England.  There are three duplicate pictures.  Des has one, Penny has one, and Naomi has one.  How did this happen?  The day of the picture taking Des and Penny never saw each other again.  I guess a simple answer would be Penny went back to the photographer and asked for a copy.  But then how did Naomi get one?
  • Desmond lost his faith in the hatch, Locke helped him regain it.  Locke lost his faith pushing the button, but Desmond helped him regain it at the hatch.  All roads lead here (that hatch).
  • Who’s idea was it to make the list of names for Michael to get?  Benry was locked in the gun closet the whole time.  There was a couple of minutes when he pushed the button for Locke during Lockdown.  I guess he could have sent a quick message then.
  • Mike said he accidentally killed Libby, but would Hurley have gone with them if he hadn’t shot her.  Maybe Hurley is right, Mike would have killed her also even if he had time to think.
  • The big question.  How did Penny know to look for an Electromagnetic anomaly to find the island?  My theory was that she was actually looking for Desmond’s boat and that the island was blocking the signal until the fail-safe key was turned.

All About Lost – There’s No Place Like Home pt1 AAC

Here is a video version of our All About Lost Podcast on the first part of this season’s LOST finale.  We will be working on parts 2 and 3 this weekend.  This enhanced version has Chapter headings and many pictures from this episode to gaze at.  If you want to skip our tennis ramble, skip right to the Chapter 2 – Recap.

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More thoughts on the finale


I originally thought that the whole fake cover story was devised by Oceanic Airlines in secret cooperation with Ben/Widmore to keep the island protected from the outside world and to protect Oceanic from any legal repercussions. But now it appears that Jack and the rest of the O6 came up with the story while on Penny’s rescue ship.

Jack was convinced to lie when he finally accepted that miracles do happen (even though earlier in the day he told Locke there is no such thing as miracles). These were a a few miracles Jack saw that day.

  1. The rescue helicopter develops a fuel leak but thanks to heroics by Sawyer and some others they make it on to the freighter and escape before the bomb goes off.
  2. The island disappears in front of his own eyes.
  3. The helicopter can’t find a place to land and crashes into the sea. All survive (even though Desmond nearly drowns) with little injury.
  4. Kate tells him it’s a miracle that baby Aaron survived the crash.

This in my opinion was a BIG turning point in Jack’s character (the man of science). We get confirmation of this in the last scene when Jack goes back to visit Locke in the funeral parlor knowing that he was at fault for not listening to the man of Faith. Jack’s leaving the island was disastrous just as Locke had told him it would be. Both those who escaped and those left behind on the island suffered because of Jack’s not listening to Locke.


Sayid said that Jeremy Bentham/Locke died a few “weeks” ago?
Where was the safe place he was taking Hurley to?
Hurley playing chess with an invisible Mr. Eko, weird.

Charlotte’s birth place. Could it be The island, and might she be Annie.  See a resemblance in this photo?

What was it Sawyer whispered to Kate? Here is my guess (essentially later confirmed by people who rewatched the episode with the volume up)

I have a daughter named Clementime who lives in Albuquerque.
Please contact Cassidy Phillips and make sure she is taken care of?
And don’t tell anyone what I just told you.
By the way take a deep breath I am going to give you a very long kiss 🙂

Since Jack saw Sawyer whispering to Kate why didn’t he ask her then what he said?
Jack is usually the nosy type.

Why did Jack go back to the funeral home and break in to see the body… to pay his last respects?
How did locke die, did Ben kill him, or Widmore, or was it really suicide?
If someone killed him, they covered it up with the phoney newspaper article.

The first scene with Kate and Jack was interesting.
How dare you ask me to go back after insisting we get off the island,
and all the people who we left behind (sawyer juliet and CLAIRE!).
The subtext is: Thanks for leaving me to take care of Aaron *alone* while you are popping pills!

it would be interesting to get a lost “chronology” version where all the events are in
chronological order. Then we would see the last scene of season 3 combined with this one.

The casimir cave, as I like to call it, where the island “cloaking” device was seemed a bit too special “effectsy”. I would have liked to have seen some Arne Saknussemm like markings or maybe some old relics of the previous civilization. I know we saw some Runes there, but I would have liked Ben to follow a series a tunnels with markings that led to the cave with the “Frozen Donkey Wheel”.
A.S. was a character in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth who left clues to find all the secret passages. By the way a new movie version is coming soon out on July 11, 2008. I am definitely planning to see that.
It looked like the island had not been moved for a long time as everything was iced over. By the way for ice there needs to be both cold and water.
Did Ben teleport to Tunisia right after he turned the wheel and the weird noise and light moved the island?
Why was there an ice “shield” blocking the way down from the Orchid?